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Legitimacy of new net metering rules questioned

Mark MacDonald_
They went into effect without the usual vetting by the Legislature. The chair of the committee that reviews rules says the Public Service Board may have overstepped.


Businesses ask for less bureaucracy in state contracting

Ken Pidgeon Jason Sicard
Construction companies say they experience red tape when working on state-funded projects.


Legislature considering new tax increment financing districts

mary morrissey
Bennington lawmakers are among those seeking an expansion of the program meant to spur development through public infrastructure spending.


Rights commission says medical marijuana denial was unjust

marijuana cloning
Robert Merriam, who was diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety and depression, was turned down on two applications for a medical marijuana card.


Mayor Louras faces three challengers to win sixth term

rutland city hall
David Allaire, who lost to Mayor Louras twice, along with Michael Coppinger and Kam Johnston, are seeking to win the mayor's office.


Refugee resettlement issue draws big field to run in Rutland

Controversy over the program inspired several to run. Seventeen candidates are vying for six seats at March Town Meeting.


Special report: Think tank’s ties to Trump raise stakes for Vermont funding

Heritage Foundation
The Heritage Foundation's budget blueprint — if enacted — would devastate federal support for green energy, crime victim assistance, farms and more.


Vermont ski jump finds it’s a small world after all

ski jumping
Brattleboro’s weekend Harris Hill competition drew a slate of global athletes who said they best knew the state as the home of Bernie Sanders.


Brattleboro Retreat adopts new approach to treatment

Louis Josephson
Doctors, nurses and staffers have been undergoing retraining to use two new programs that emphasize mindfulness.


Data report: Parents choose public over private schools for special education

School bus
Private schools, with a few exceptions, don't offer a full array of programs for students with disabilities.


Injured ex-inmate’s suit against private prison is due for hearing

Creative Commons photo
The suit says Corrections Corporation of America, which housed Vermont prisoners in Kentucky, failed to provide a safe environment. The plaintiff was hurt by a saw.


Margolis: Vermont has what businesses really need

Photo by Anne Galloway/VTDigger
Small startups have a better chance of surviving and prospering in Vermont than in most other states.


Then Again: On and off the prohibition wagon

Bushnell Wet or Dry
Lawmakers and the public have long shown their ambivalence about banning alcohol production and sales as a way to combat the social ills of its abuse.


Supporters of ‘green burials’ seek change in law

View from the Peacham Corner Cemetery. VTD/Josh Larkin
The measure would permit burials at a depth of at least 3½ feet, compared with the current 5-foot state requirement.


New Life, New Hope: Video Series from Dartmouth Hitchcock

Watch this video series brought to you by Dartmouth Hitchcock, focusing on various impacts of their treatment program and ways of combating the opioid crisis.
Watch now

Special Reports and Projects

EB-5 fraud at Vermont's Jay Peak

Read about the latest developments. Check out the investigative stories VTDigger has published about Jay Peak, Q Burke and AnC Bio Vermont over the past several years.

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Medicaid by the Numbers

About 35% of Vermonters have some kind of Medicaid benefit. Meanwhile, state spending on the program for low-income residents has increased by 73% since 2008.

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Legislative bill tracker, 'Inside the Golden Bubble'

Find all of our coverage on important legislation and oversight issues on this microsite, and follow stories about bills listed by topic — education, energy, judiciary, the economy, health care, and the budget.

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One child's allegations: ‘This never ends for him’

A young boy tells stories about being sexually abused by his mother’s boyfriend. Four years later, the allegations persist, and there is no legal resolution. The case raises questions that experts say are common when child sex assault is suspected.

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In a life of drugs and prison, treatment is elusive key

Chris Dezotelle has spent his adult life in and out of prison because of his addiction to opiates. Now he wants to change. But his struggle shows how the cycle between prison, the outside and treatment can be complicated.

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Turbine sound and fury aggravates neighbors

A recent legal filing from the state lays out a path for individuals to sue over noise from wind farms. Experts say there is no public health threat from the sound of turbines spinning, but neighbors are still seeking relief. 

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The stories about Bernie

Part one of five: Ingest all the up-close-and-personal profiles the national media is producing about Bernie Sanders and you’ll find they start with the same fact: The presidential candidate hates up-close-and-personal profiles.

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Vermont hospital CEOs average $500K a year

The data show that hospital CEO pay is more than double what CEOs in other industries in Vermont make each year. The average CEO compensation was $162,210 in 2013, and the median was $141,050 that year, according to data from the Vermont Department of Labor.

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Pepperspray, pornography and two bad apples

Police officer sues over racial discrimination in the Rutland City Police Department.

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Tax breaks fuel Vermont's solar gold rush

The combination of state incentives and an impending deadline for federal tax credits is making the Green Mountain State a preferred destination for solar energy developers.

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Inmate took his own life after mental illness treatment needs went unmet

Prison was not the place for Fennessey to receive treatment for mental illness, but he returned to a cell several times because the state and community partners could not coordinate what they deemed a suitable re-entry plan before he took his own life.

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Former Rutland Mental Health CEO’s poor leadership may have put clients in danger

Officials cite a pattern of shortcomings in the care provided by the agency that contributed to a client’s overdose, a client being sexually exploited and several others being placed in neglectful or abusive situations, according to documents obtained by VTDigger. Poor management may have also contributed to one client’s untimely death.

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Quote of the Day

“This is a critical issue. To say people are nervous is an understatement.” — Dave Chappelle, a consultant on labor and management in the dairy industry, on Vermont farmworkers’ fears about immigration enforcement under Trump

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