Solar land use committee holds first meeting in Montpelier

One member of the public who spoke called solar developers despicable. “I’ve seen first hand a total arrogance by either the developer or the developer’s representative coming before the town and ignoring any type of zoning proposal,” he said.

Bill that aims to cut costs and raise efficiency is signed into law

A new energy bill was signed at the home of Green Mountain Power customers who have taken part in major improvements on their home. Part of the new bill is that the state will provide leasing and on-bill financing for any Vermonter to improve the energy efficiency of their home.

Legislative Wrap: State passes ambitious renewable energy goal

The new standard puts Vermont on a steady track to continue building renewable energy projects, such as wind, solar and large-scale hydro power.

Law creates Vermont’s first renewable energy standards

Major legislation sets state goals for renewable energy use and asks utilities to help their customers use less fossil fuels.

Campbell delays energy bill, passage uncertain

The Senate President Pro Tem booted two reporters from his office where he was meeting privately with a quorum of a Senate committee.

Renewable energy law may face late hurdle

A major overhaul of the state’s energy policy won preliminary approval in the Senate, but an effort to give towns more say in locating wind projects is expected Thursday.

Renewable energy overhaul set for Senate vote

A bill that will mandate state renewable energy targets is set to arrive on the Senate floor in the final week of the legislative session. The Senate Finance and Appropriation committees voted unanimously Monday to pass H.40. The legislation requires the state’s utilities to use more renewable energy beginning in 2017. The House passed the […]

Deal struck on solar siting requirements

Senate committee brokers compromise that would establish statewide setback and screening requirements for solar energy projects. Measure is part of comprehensive renewable energy bill.

Senate panel gives towns more regulatory authority over solar projects

Gabrielle Stebbins of Renewable Energy Vermont said the legislation will make solar development “more uncertain.” “It will essentially make our state (renewable energy) goals far more difficult to reach,” she said.

PSB chair opposes freeze on energy efficiency charge

The Public Service Board, a quasi-judicial regulatory body, approved a three-year budget for the state’s energy efficiency programs last year. Volz said the freeze would cut revenue for existing budgets.

Connecticut rules in favor of Vermont renewable energy credits

A decision by Connecticut regulators rejects claims that Vermont utilities “double count” credits they sell for renewable energy generated in Vermont. The sale of these RECs saves money for Vermont ratepayers, utilities and the state say.

House approves major renewable energy overhaul

Bill would require utilities to sell renewable energy to customers and reduce the use of fossil fuels. A late GOP attempt to remove a provision fails.

House gives preliminary approval to renewable energy bill

Measure to strengthen the state’s renewable energy policy clears first hurdle, but GOP plans to seek removal of a key component after the town meeting break.

Amendment to H.40 freezes energy efficiency charge

Rep. Tony Klein said compromise was made to gain support for RESET program. “We took one for the team,” he said.