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Recycling law credited with cutting landfill use 5 percent

Vermonters are also donating more usable food that otherwise might be thrown away, says a report from the Department of Environmental Conservation.

Local global warming leaders undeterred by Donald Trump

Attendees at this weekend’s Vermont Community Energy and Climate Action Conference vow to fight anticipated opposition by the president-elect.

Lawmakers urged to find funding for Lake Champlain cleanup

If toxic blue-green algae continues to bloom unabated on the lake, it could hurt the $2.5 billion tourism economy.

UVM researchers say lake cleanup plan may be flawed

A new paper says the EPA-approved plan for Lake Champlain doesn’t adequately take into account global climate change when setting limits on pollution that feeds toxic algae blooms.

Landmark tree among region’s elms succumbs to disease

Wood from the tree that stood in Charlotte, said to be the biggest in the region, will play a part in efforts to keep elms growing in Vermont and elsewhere.

State to start design of Bennington municipal water line extension

The Department of Environmental Conservation says Saint-Gobain is potentially responsible for contamination from the manmade chemical PFOA.

Neighbors challenge Hannaford to keep stormwater to itself

Plans for a proposed supermarket in Hinesburg have been revised so the parking lot wouldn’t send water onto another property except during the most severe storms. But opponents say that’s not enough.

Protester with Vermont connections hurt in North Dakota anti-pipeline action

A New York woman may lose her arm after being hurt in a showdown with police while protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota. Sophia Wilansky, a 21-year-old from the Bronx borough of New York City, suffered traumatic injuries to her left arm early Monday, allegedly as the result of police firing concussion grenades […]

State considering ways to raise money for lake cleanup

Vermont’s cost is expected to be $1.35 billion, not all borne by taxpayers. The ideas include a fee on each piece of property, a surcharge on the income or rooms and meals tax, and a gas tax hike.

Tests suggest low risk from chromium in Vermont’s public water

The levels are far below any existing regulatory standards. But several results in Vermont exceeded the limit that advocates and some scientists recommend to prevent a significant risk to public health.

Pownal officials frustrated by efforts to find new water source

Pownal Fire District 2 board members also pressed for expense reimbursement by the company that is believed to bear responsibility for PFOA contamination of the water supply.

Former ski area site part of logging, trail-building plans

The U.S. Forest Service plan for six towns includes opening trails for backcountry skiing and other recreation at the site of the former Dutch Hill area. It also calls for hiking, snowmobiling and ATV trails elsewhere.

New rules require loggers to protect water quality

The industry says current practices mostly align with the rules already, but some are concerned about the new lack of flexibility to adapt to specific locations and conditions.

ANR seeks more wetlands protection

The state affords Class I wetlands protection to acreage found to be “exceptional or irreplaceable.”