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Tevye Kelman: Divisive politics distract from the urgency of universal health care

When politicians are able to exploit legitimate anger over the inadequacy of our existing health care system to pit working people against each other, it undermines our collective ability to demand real reform.

Ellen Powell: F16 – F35 noise ‘mitigation’ falls short

The airport focus, as well as their buyouts, are all directed to South Burlington, yet there are thousands of people in other towns who now fall, or who will fall, into the dangerous noise zone.

Tom Evslin: Teach skills for better workers

It’s hard to think of any worse solution to the non-existent problem of not enough jobs than a universal dole.

Steve May: In support of an imperfect option

Is living hand to mouth at a time of family crisis the best our elected officials can do for the people of Vermont?

Lindsey Preston: Vermont’s wildlife represented with House bill H.336

House bill H.336 seeks to add six “non-consumptive” members who do not hunt or trap to the Fish and Wildlife board.

Eric Davis: Implications of Wisconsin’s legislative redistricting

If the Supreme Court were to rule against the Wisconsin legislative districts, other maps all over the country would be open to constitutional challenges.

Richard Slusky: A health care response to Mike Smith

Act 48 has not failed, and its language continues to provide the blueprint for the many changes now occurring within Vermont’s health care system.

Randall Szott: Vermont School Board Association is out of touch

The VSBA’s proceduralism is an empty gesture; they are lifeless signifiers of democratic governance without a felt commitment by stakeholders.

Bob Orleck: An open letter to legislators considering marijuana legalization

Did you, in a past vote, or are you, in a future vote, about to make the mistake of deciding based on old impressions and ignoring the true facts regarding the real and present dangers today’s cannabis brings to us all?

Christopher Bray: A productive decision about health care

The governor proposes to take away the right to bargain, between employers and employees, over health care — certainly an essential part of “terms of employment.”

Susan Ritz: Private philanthropy necessary to combatting administrative policies

Whatever your cause, now’s the time to make a difference by donating appreciated stock to nonprofits you believe in.

Karen Randall: Marijuana legalization from a Colorado community member

The marijuana industry is happy to banter about all the tax money generated by selling their product. I have been living that promise for the last four years.

Faisal Gill: Scott setting dangerous precedent

Vetoing the budget has grave consequences. Without a budget, the government shuts down.

John McClaughry: The push for national single payer health care

As the Republican Congress struggles to “repeal and replace” Obamacare, the political landscape is steadily shifting.