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Louis Josephson: Fragile safety net needs attention

Community-based services, when properly resourced, will keep people suffering from mental health and addiction issues out of our emergency departments.

Larry Lewack: Expanding parole for elderly and seriously ill prisoners

A recent study by the ACLU documents that elderly prisoners are the least dangerous group of people behind bars, but the most expensive to incarcerate.

Rob Roper: Universal pre-K is a problem, not a solution

As we’re looking at an even more dramatic and expensive expansion of these programs, we have to ask if what we’ve done so far has lived up to the hype.

Walt Amses: Alternative reality fix

This year’s abundance of snow, coupled with tolerable temperatures much of the time, has provided welcome refuge from the political storm.

Jack Hoffman: General fund budget gap? What gap?

The budget conversation in Montpelier should shift away from “the gap” and more toward to the purpose of raising and spending public money.

Robert Miller: Investing locally

A new crowdfunding portal called “Milk Money” has formed to connect Vermonters interested in investing local with local businesses in need of capital.

Rebecca Holcombe: Both federal and state education goals stress continuous improvement

The Every Student Succeeds Act focuses attention and funds on our most vulnerable children – a goal unequivocally championed by Gov. Phil Scott in his inaugural address.

Will Patten: Outdated school assumptions

The governor mused that, were we to have an opportunity to design an ideal education system from scratch, it was unlikely to look anything like what we have today.

George Plumb: Six ways to personally reduce greenhouse gases

Some causes that we can change dramatically are our individual lifestyle choices.

Don Keelan: Are we being overprotective?

We should always be protective of our children – but let’s not be overprotective – golfers, of course, are another breed.

Ginny Burley: Prevention needs to be part of marijuana policy change

Education to prevent drug use and abuse is not cheap, but it is far less expensive than the results we can expect if we fail to ramp up prevention.

Teo Zagar: How can House Republicans stand with Trump on immigration?

Rep. Don Turner refuses to join tri-partisan leaders standing together to make it clear that Vermont will not allow our law enforcement officers to enforce Trump’s immigration policies.

Akara Draper & Linnie Jones: Vote ‘no’ on Act 46

A “no” vote would give our communities more time to work together towards fulfilling the goals of Act 46 while preserving local governance.

Bob Wilson: Further stories from the Morses

Something about Mark Bushnell’s article about human hibernation sounded vaguely familiar, but it wasn’t until the last page, when he mentioned Allen Morse, that I made the connection.