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Shayne Spence: A Republican support of legalizing marijuana

There is so much to be gained from supporting legalization, and so little to lose.

Judith Levine: Progressives don’t compromise on women’s rights

Bernie Sanders has never understood, and has once again demonstrated that he intends never to understand, that the possession of a uterus may never be grounds for second-class citizenship.

Barrie Dunsmore: North Korea’s nuclear past

Given this vacuum in the president’s knowledge on North Korea and Iran, it is hard to be confident that he will be able to navigate us through these very dangerous waters.

Gerry Silverstein: South Burlington’s mascot name change

The administration and the school board must remember that we live in a democracy in which the views of all individuals should be taken into consideration when making important decisions.

Tom Evslin: Don’t make the internet safe for monopolies

Regulating internet access as if it were phone service would stifle innovation and protect the current dominant players from the startups that would otherwise threaten them.

Eileen Peltier: Supporting the governor’s housing bond

At Downstreet we often say that housing provides the first critical need for security and stability, but it is not enough.

Brenda Patoine: Health care war rages while most Vermonters sleep

Just this week the word came that the GOP and Trump were back at it, floating an even more draconian version of its failed health care bill.

Don Keelan: A moratorium on Trump reporting

Accepting the press to monopolize its focus on Washington and not what saps us at home is a disservice.

Phil Scott: We must act now for significant savings

We can save up to $26 million per year while preserving high quality health care coverage for school employees, and without asking them to pay more.

Anthony Iarrapino: Marching closer to home

I have realized that policymakers here in Montpelier also need to see a clamoring crowd demanding bolder climate solutions at the state level where we have the greatest chance of leading by example.

John Klar: North Korea and Vermont family farms

The rejuvenation of Vermont’s small farms is a vital component of sensible national security.

Howard Fairman: An underhand move in the Legislature

On April 21, 21 of our senators quietly resurrected S.241 and passed it off as a “proposal of amendment” to an unrelated bill passed by our House of Representatives.

Daniel Lyons: Dispelling internet privacy misconceptions

That our information is routinely collected by many companies is not necessarily problematic.

David Kelley: A last-minute plea to the General Assembly

Instead of hollowing out our rural communities we should be talking about reinventing our schools and our communities with new technologies and innovation.