How to contribute to our Opinion section

VTDigger welcomes submissions to its Opinion section in the form of commentaries and letters to the editor.

Opinion policies

VTDigger strives to publish a variety of views from a broad range of Vermont voices. We encourage contributors to engage in a civil discourse based in reason and fact — and devoid of ad hominem attacks. While we do not have the resources to fact-check every assertion, we reserve the right to reject submissions we believe to include falsehoods, distortions, inaccuracies or unverifiable information. We are particularly disinclined to publish opinions related to public health and medicine that run counter to the scientific consensus and could cause harm. We will not tolerate discrimination, prejudice or abuse. We do not publish submissions that endorse political candidates or parties. We reserve the right to reject submissions for matters of taste and inaccuracy. 

Please be thoughtful, insightful and constructive, and use factual information that provides context for our readers. Links to relevant websites are allowed. Do not post links to any sites that contain inappropriate content. 

We block: 

  • Hate speech, name-calling and personal attacks
  • Repetitive talking points
  • Specific references to other letter writers
  • Generalizations about a specific topic to disparage a broad ideology (for example, “typical liberal/conservative nonsense”)
  • Gratuitous links to your personal website, political party/campaign, or product/service you represent. We do not allow campaigning, candidate endorsements or other electioneering content.  

Opinion submissions are voices from the community and do not represent VTDigger in any way.

Submit a commentary


In 400 to 850 words, we invite you to share your view on a current issue you feel is important. (Have something shorter to share? See below for instructions on sending a letter to the editor.)

Commentaries must include the author’s first and last name, email address, town/state of residence and a brief biography, including affiliations with political parties, lobbying entities or special interest groups. 

Authors are limited to one commentary published per month from February through May; the rest of the year they are limited to two per month, space permitting.


Commentaries should be submitted to

Send a letter to the editor


We invite you to write considered responses on topics covered by VTDigger. In 150 to 250 words, share your view on a current issue you feel is important. (Have something longer to share? Submit to our commentary section.)

Letters must include the author’s first and last name, email address, and town/state of residence. If writing on behalf of an organization, please include its name.

Authors are limited to one letter published per month.


Letters should be sent to