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Vermont Yankee buyer seeks ‘reasonable’ deal with state

Though his company faces increasing skepticism, NorthStar Group Services CEO Scott State says it is still committed to purchasing and decommissioning the shut-down Vernon nuclear plant.

State sees ‘significant risk’ in Vermont Yankee sale

If the buyer runs out of money to decommission the plant, “this would place public health, safety and the environment at risk,” according to the Public Service Department and the attorney general’s office.

Vermont Yankee offers safety assurances as fuel move starts

A spokesman said experience, training, equipment and oversight will allow for the safe transfer of the plant’s spent fuel into more secure storage by the end of next year.

Entergy wants to shrink Vermont Yankee security zone

The change would downsize the Vernon nuclear plant’s protected area from 10.5 acres to 1.3 acres and save at least $1.2 million a month, Entergy says. Federal and state regulators are reviewing the request.

Vermont Yankee fuel move into more-secure storage is delayed

Transfer of the plant’s radioactive spent fuel into casks did not begin in April, as had been planned. The move is critical to the plant’s eventual sale.

State asserts Vermont Yankee cleanup could be done sooner

Public Service Commissioner Chris Recchia is predicting that decommissioning could be finished in the 2020s, rather than the 2070s as called for in current plans. But plant owner Entergy is not committing to any such change.

Vermont Yankee gets $143 million fuel storage project in gear

The work to build and fill a new facility for the Vernon plant’s spent nuclear fuel is “on schedule and on budget,” an Entergy administrator said.

Public Service Board again nixes anti-nuclear group’s arguments

VERNON — State regulators say they won’t reconsider their dismissal of an anti-nuclear group’s objections to Vermont Yankee’s fuel storage plans. The state Public Service Board last month approved construction of a new concrete pad for storage of the shut-down plant’s spent nuclear fuel. Before that, however, the Brattleboro-based New England Coalition had asked for […]

Yankee owner cleared to put more casks of spent fuel on site

The Public Service Board said a second spent fuel pad won’t hurt the environment and will promote the state’s general good by hastening the transfer of spent nuclear fuel from the pools in which it now sits.

Anti-nuke group makes last stand in Vermont Yankee fuel case

The New England Coalition is asking the state Public Service Board to reconsider its dismissal of the coalition’s objections to storage plans for spent fuel at Vermont Yankee.

Vermont Yankee decommissioning on track, says new director

Jack Boyle holds what’s now the shut-down nuclear plant’s top administrative job. He said the cleanup project, while still in its early stages, is on schedule and under budget.

Vermont has voice in national nuclear waste debate

As the federal government seeks a strategy for finding waste storage sites, regional advocates say Vernon and Vermont should play a key role in that discussion due to the large inventory of spent fuel stashed at Vermont Yankee.

Reformer: Vermont appeal of NRC rule shot down in court

“To the extent that the petitioners disagree with the NRC’s current policy for the continued storage of spent nuclear fuel, their concerns should be directed to Congress,” wrote the court.

Feds focus on rail for moving Vermont Yankee’s spent fuel

A U.S. Department of Energy team spent several days last week in Windham County evaluating transportation infrastructure for the eventual removal of the Vernon nuclear plant’s spent fuel. Rail appears the likeliest option.