Mike Polhamus

Mike Polhamus

Mike Polhamus writes about energy and the environment for VTDigger. He formerly covered Teton County and the state of Wyoming for the Jackson Hole News & Guide, in Jackson, Wyoming. He now lives in Waterbury. Polhamus studied at Southwestern Oregon Community College, University of Oxford and Sarah Lawrence College. His research has been commissioned on a variety of topics such as malnutrition and HIV, economic development, and Plato’s Phaedo. Polhamus hails originally from the state of Oregon.

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    Alarms raised about herbicide runoff as planting season nears

    Atrazine has been found in streams at many times the levels that kill aquatic plants, a study says. The Agency of Agriculture calls the risk overblown and says farmers use atrazine properly.

    Local conservation officials push lawmakers for carbon tax

    Members of a dozen town energy commissions demanded greater leadership from state policymakers and asked specifically for their support for a tax on carbon dioxide pollution to replace or reduce other taxes residents currently pay. Lawmakers have proposed several bills this year in hopes of accomplishing this, including one that would eliminate the state’s sales […]

    Vermonters throng Statehouse for climate change rally

    Organizers say efforts to address climate change have stalled locally and nationally.

    New owners, surprise driver, rev up for Thunder Road opening

    Gov. Phil Scott hopes to compete this weekend at Thunder Road, which was recently sold by Ken Squier and Tom Curley to Pat Malone and Chris Michaud.

    GMP seeks five percent increase

    A company spokesperson said the rate request will be subject to a “robust regulatory review.”

    Debate centers on whether bill helps or hurts forest industry

    Supporters say the forest fragmentation bill would protect big tracts crucial to the industry and wildlife, while opponents say regulation makes it hard for large landowners to hold onto their parcels.

    Science behind chemical regulation is point of contention

    A bill would make it easier to regulate toys and envisions a database where consumers could look up the contents of products. An administration official says Gov. Scott may oppose the bill as written.

    Blittersdorf spends $5M on rail cars, envisioning commuter train

    The energy developer advocates a “Vermont way” of doing rail for less money, using refurbished secondhand equipment.

    Vermont lawmakers weigh in on federal farm bill

    Lawmakers heard concerns from farmers about unpredictable milk prices and from public officials about the possibility of deep cuts to the federal food assistance program, SNAP.

    Randolph site once up for development now to be protected

    Conservationists are raising money to buy the final piece of the parcel at Exit 4, while the owners have agreed to sell most of the land to another group to be run as a farm.

    State’s bird population in decline, according to study

    The most dramatic reductions were seen among species that live off flying insects. A number of factors are believed to contribute, scientists say.

    UVM study: Lake Champlain is saltier

    Salt in the lake can promote the spread of blue-green algae, according to scientists.

    Photo gallery: High school students mob Vermont Statehouse for climate change rally

    “It’s our future that’s really going to be paying” for inaction, said Kassidy Abair, a senior at Harwood Union High School. “It’s important that legislators who can make these changes realize that the youth want something to be done.”

    UPDATED: New pipeline now in use, says Vermont Gas

    “It’s been a big challenge,” said CEO Don Rendall. A legal action by opponents is still pending, and a federal safety agency is investigating the pipeline’s construction.