Mike Polhamus

Mike Polhamus

Mike Polhamus writes about energy and the environment for VTDigger. He formerly covered Teton County and the state of Wyoming for the Jackson Hole News & Guide, in Jackson, Wyoming. He now lives in Waterbury. Polhamus studied at Southwestern Oregon Community College, University of Oxford and Sarah Lawrence College. His research has been commissioned on a variety of topics such as malnutrition and HIV, economic development, and Plato’s Phaedo. Polhamus hails originally from the state of Oregon.

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    Feds move closer to Vermont on limiting PFOA in water

    The EPA said research indicates that exposure above certain levels may result in low birth weight or birth defects; testicular and kidney cancer; liver damage; effects on the immune system and thyroid; and other harm.

    Jay Peak promises fix after flunking water quality agreement

    Four waterways the resort was supposed to remediate are not meeting the standards agreed to in a settlement with the Vermont Natural Resources Council and the Vermont Law School.

    Agency adjusts scope of proposed farm inspection rule

    The state will require small farms to follow the same management practices currently required of medium- and large-sized Vermont farms. But in finalizing its proposal for new rules, the agency has narrowed one definition of farms that must undergo annual compliance checks.

    Shumlin pokes critics while touting growth of green energy jobs

    “When politicians say, ‘We’re going too fast, I don’t like so many solar panels, I don’t like what they look like,’ I say, ‘Whose job are you proposing to eliminate when you propose a moratorium?’” the governor said.

    Hydro-Quebec takes credit for emissions savings in U.S.

    The Canadian electric utility Hydro-Québec, which supplies about 22 percent of Vermont’s power, says the renewable energy it exported to the U.S. in 2015 prevented 7.4 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions that otherwise would have come from fossil fuel plants. The assertion was part of an annual report the publicly owned utility released […]

    Legislative wrap: Energy and Environment

    New laws protect habitat, establish penalties for illegal logging, require new licenses for loggers and expand the list of chemicals tested in water supplies.

    Rules meant to boost renewable energy could backfire, some say

    The rules seek to have Vermont reap the credit for renewable energy produced here. But some academics and industry representatives say the state’s plan could actually discourage energy development.

    Residents sue firms for at least $5 million over tainted water

    The class-action complaint accuses Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics, and the company it purchased in 2000 called Chemfab, of negligence, battery, trespass and other violations.

    Renewable energy siting bill passes despite end of session wrangling

    Lawmakers passed a bill Friday that supporters say will give Vermont’s towns and regions more control over where renewable-energy projects get sited. Legislators adopted the bill following last-minute sleights including what some of them described as a veto threat from the governor. Language causing legislators the greatest angst concerned sound limits for wind turbines, and […]

    Shumlin threat of veto stalls renewable energy siting bill

    Shumlin threatened to veto the bill over a provision that would have made new noise standards retroactive to April 15, 2016.

    Klein: Retroactive noise standard provision may be unconstitutional

    Lawyers for the Legislature have already said the retroactive date isn’t a problem, but Klein said he’s heard from lawyers who worry it might expose the state to litigation.

    37 more wells in Bennington test positive for PFOA

    Another 37 wells in Bennington have tested positive for the carcinogen perfluorooctanoic acid, state officials said Tuesday. The Department of Environmental Conservation tested the wells after monitoring wells near the Bennington Landfill revealed the chemical in groundwater at concentrations exceeding the state limit of 20 parts per trillion. Residents south of the Bennington Landfill who […]

    Senate restores noise, training provisions in renewable siting bill

    The bill won support from critics of the state’s renewable-energy industry by including a provision directing the Public Service Board to write new rules governing sound emitted by wind turbines.

    Money for training is still a question mark in energy siting bill

    The Senate is expected to vote Tuesday as it works to finalize a bill that supporters say will integrate the state’s energy planning and communities’ land use planning. Before a floor vote on S.230, the Senate Finance Committee must decide whether to leave in a provision allotting $300,000 for the training of local officials in […]