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Panels air marijuana legalization issues

A marijuana plant at a Colorado grow operation. Photo by Brent Levin/Creative Commons
The 2015 legislature is likely to revisit marijuana legalization. Lawmakers from all parties spoke about related issues at an event Wednesday night in Burlington.


Outside report criticizes DCF handling of child deaths

Patricia Holden and her niece, Dezirae Sheldon. Holden's brother is Dezirae's biological father. Courtesy photo
An advisory panel suggests changes in policy at the Department for Children and Families in the wake of two child deaths. Report cites a desire to reunify families at possibly placing children at risk.


Hundreds of MVP customers on the health exchange are billed past due

Vermont Health Connect feature
Trinka Kerr’s office has recently taken numerous calls from outraged consumers who have received collections notices from MVP Health Care, one of two carriers participating in the exchange. MVP covers less than 10 percent of the 32,000 plans sold on through the exchange’s individual market.


Townshend woman pleads not guilty in double shooting

Robin O'Neill appears in Windham Superior Court on Thursday afternoon after being cited with two counts of second degree murder in the deaths of Steven Lott, 60, and Jamis Lott, 28. Photo by Kayla Rice/Brattleboro Reformer
Robin O'Neill of Townshend pleads not guilty to two counts of second-degree murder in connection with the shooting deaths of Steven Lott and his son, Jamis Lott.


YWP: Porcelain Sugar

Alexandra Contreras-Montesano is an eight-grader at Edmunds Middle School in Burlington. Courtesy photo
This week's Young Writers Project entry is "Porcelain Sugar" by Alexandra Contreras-Montesano, an eight-grader at Edmunds Middle School.


SCOV Law Blog: Domicile detention denied

Creative Commons photo by walknboston via Flickr
A man charged with first-degree murder filed a motion for home confinement, proposing that he live at home and work on his 140-acre family farm. The trial court wasn’t sure that was such a hot idea.


Marijuana legalization foes organize for Vermont debate

A marijuana plant at a Colorado grow operation. Photo by Brent Levin/Creative Commons
A Vermont group opposed to legalizing marijuana has joined forces with a national organization, in preparation for an expected debate in the pending legislative session.


New portal to provide broad access to public data in Vermont

VT insights
Public data abounds in modern times, but most is difficult to access or analyze. A new online portal, Vermont Insights, is meant to provide free and useful access to a trove of public data.


Digger Projects

2014 Election Micro-Site

The 2014 midterm elections are here. Access our comprehensive coverage, including debate archives, candidate profiles, side-by-side comparisons, campaign finance connections, and more. Visit project

VTDigger's Legislator Lookup

Enter your address in VTDigger's Legislative Lookup to find your lawmakers and learn more about them, including biographical and contact information, sponsored bills, voting records, committee memberships and campaign finance details. Visit project

Campaign Finance Database

VTDigger's Campaign Finance Database allows you to find out who gives to political campaigns and how candidates raise money in Vermont.

For the first time, and at no cost to taxpayers, users can easily search for donors and candidates by name, quickly retrieve aggregated totals, and explore business and family connections between donors. Visit project

VTDigger / Castleton Institute Poll

The VTDigger/Castleton Polling Institute poll is based on data from 682 interviews drawn from a random sample of registered voters in Vermont. Interviews were conducted by phone by from March 31 to April 7, 2014. Thirteen percent of interviews were conducted with registered voters on cellphones. The data reported are weighted based on estimations of the population of Vermont registered voters to account for differential in response rates among age groups. Visit project

A User's Guide to Vermont Health Connect

This special section explains how Vermont's health care exchange works for individuals and small businesses. The guide includes interactive subsidy graphs, a navigator map and detailed information about subsidies, penalties and tax ramifications. Visit project


Walter Medwid: Time for change in managing Vermont’s wildlife

The default to hunting values over ecological or wildlife-watching and eco-tourism interests reflects a serious lack of serving the entire public’s interests.

Bob Stannard: Sitting on a rock

There are many folks who don’t understand why normally intelligent human beings bundle up and sit on a rock in the freezing cold for hours in hopes of seeing --…

Indigo Chouinard: Hair product segregation?

How is placing ethnic hair products in a different location other than with the rest of hair products any different than placing people in different sections of the bus, or…

Quote of the Day

“It’s clear that on any issue there was a very clear message to this governor to listen, learn, reflect, be more inclusive. It was humbling. And on every issue I am taking that approach.” — Gov. Peter Shumlin

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