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House passes budget, tax bills

Paul Poirier
House lawmakers fended off a series of amendments Friday in approving a $1.47 billion general fund spending package for fiscal year 2016. They also passed a tax bill that raises $33.2 million in new revenue.


House GOP may offer changes in lake cleanup bill

Lake Champlain algae bloom
A bill to raise money for cleaning up the state's polluted waterways hits the House floor next week, where Republicans may challenge a proposed increase in the property transfer tax.


Civil asset forfeiture bill wins preliminary approval in Senate

ASPCA photo
Proposal would allow civil forfeiture in some cases of facilitating animal fighting, but civil liberties advocates worry it could act as an incentive for police to seize property.


YWP: Block Island

Molly Austin
This week's Young Writers Project entry is "Block Island" by Molly Austin, a seventh-grader at Camels Hump Middle School in Richmond.


SCOV Law Blog: An argument of inadequate representation in manslaughter case sentencing

In what reads like the plot of Every Defense Attorney’s Worst Nightmare, the SCOV upholds the decision of a post-conviction relief court finding that an attorney failed to provide his client with adequate representation.


House gives budget bill initial OK

Mitzi Johnson
Lawmakers voted 96 to 46 to support a budget package that fills a $113 million gap between projected spending and revenue in 2016.


House approves $33.2 million tax package after political deal-making

Chris Pearson Don Turner
Republicans who had threatened to scuttle the bill decide to live with tax increase rather than risk losing a battle that could result in a greater hike.


Margolis: How a budget increase can also be a cut

Shap Smith
In the their artistic endeavor to balance the state budget, lawmakers weigh the fact that sometimes cuts cost money.


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2015 VTDigger/Castleton Institute Poll

The 2015 VTDigger/Castleton Polling Institute survey of 700 Vermonters found support for Gov. Peter Shumlin flagging, but showed an interest in gun regulations and tax options. See the complete results here. Visit project

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A User's Guide to Vermont Health Connect

This special section explains how Vermont's health care exchange works for individuals and small businesses. The guide includes interactive subsidy graphs, a navigator map and detailed information about subsidies, penalties and tax ramifications. Visit project


John Fairbanks: A martyr, a Sunday School teacher, and a conversion

Soon after the Selma to Montgomery March, on March 28, 1965, a Sunday school teacher's question had a profound impact.

Bob Stannard: Victory or defeat?

Of the 7 billion people living on this planet, we can probably count on one hand how many of them get along. For the most part we are a divided…

Peter Burmeister: A better use for Vermont’s money

Why are we being so generous with our scant resources, to the benefit of an oil-rich Arab nation that has already received what amounts to an enormous gift from IBM?

Quote of the Day

“We have promised Vermonters we’re going to try to rein in spending and put Vermont on a better fiscal path. If this miscellaneous tax bill goes down, the alternative is higher taxes.” — Minority Leader Rep. Don Turner, R-Milton

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