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YWP: Waiting for Winter

Ella Staats is a freshman at Burlington High School. Courtesy photo
This week's Young Writers Project entry is "Waiting for Winter by Ella Staats, a freshman at Burlington High School.


New York joins Vermont in fracking ban

Paul Burns, executive director of VPIRG, holds up a photo of a fracking operation. VTDigger staff photo.
The state of New York has banned hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking. The state’s top health official said it would be “reckless” to allow fracking without more research on its environmental effects.


Federal funds help libraries upgrade Internet service

Lt. Gov. Phil Scott speaks at a news conference Wednesday at Aldrich Public Library in Barre. Photo by Tom Brown/VTDigger
Nearly one-quarter of Vermont’s public libraries will offer the fastest available Internet speeds, thanks to a federally funded program. The service is crucial to Vermonters who don’t have Internet access of their own.


Protesters demand action on single payer, condemn Shumlin’s reversal

A protester burns a medical bill in a demonstration against Gov. Peter Shumlin's decision not to pursue single payer health care in the next legislative session. Photo by John Herrick/VTDigger
A protest organized by the Vermont Workers’ Center sought to advance the cause of single payer health care, despite Gov. Shumlin’s decision that it is fiscally unworkable.


State plans to bring some inmates back from Kentucky prison

Department of Corrections Commissioner Andy Pallito. VTD/Josh Larkin
Because of a drop in pre-trial detainees and the opening of a new transitional housing unit, the state expects to return 46 inmates from a for-profit prison in Kentucky. Vermont has been under pressure from advocacy groups to stop sending inmates out of state.


New report on DCF again calls for more staff, better training

Cindy Walcott, deputy commissioner of the Department for Children and Families, answers questions on the death of Winooski toddler Peighton Geraw at a news conference Thursday in Burlington. Photo by Laura Krantz/VTDigger
A third report on the Department for Children and Families came to similar conclusions as the other two: DCF needs more front-line staff, better training, and a stronger focus on opiate addiction’s impact on families.


Utilities to reduce solar credit; solar industry unworried

Solar panels on the McKnight Farm in East Montpelier make use of the state's net metering program. Photo by Roger Crowley/for VTDigger
A new state law will allow more state residents to join “net metering” programs, but will slightly reduce the value of the energy credits they receive. Solar installers say the industry is robust enough to thrive even with the reduction.


Margolis: Leading means being able to say you lost

Peter Shumlin signed the historic health care reform act on the Statehouse steps on Thursday. VTD/Taylor Dobbs.
Gov. Peter Shumlin may have wasted a lot of time and money, but in the end he at least stood up and took the heat, even though the decision to move away from single payer health care wounded him and his supporters.


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Joe Benning: Now what?

Perhaps we can renew the health care discussion without the rhetoric that caused polarization in the search for a solution.

Pete Novick: Education funding – We can’t get there from here

An absolute reduction in education costs is what Vermont needs today.

John Odum: Whither Shumlin’s legacy?

Single payer was going to change everything for everyone, and for the better. Or at least that was the plan.

Quote of the Day

“My discussions with people go like this: They say, ‘I want you to lower my property taxes.’ I say, ‘What would you like me to do to lower your property taxes?’ Everyone has different ideas. The challenge we have as a Legislature is trying to bring consensus on how you solve the articulated problem most people feel, which is lower my property taxes.” — House Speaker Shap Smith

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