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Fiber advocates trash state’s 10-year Telecom Plan

Public Service Commissioner Chris Recchia (from left), telecommunications director Jim Porter and infrastructure specialist Corey Chase of the Department of Public Service listen as John Bloch gives testimony. Photo by Hilary Niles/VTDigger
Critics of the proposed state telecommunications road map wrong to focus on getting all addresses up to 4 Mbps upload speed and 1 Mbps download speed by 2020. Proposal is obsolete from the start, they say.


FairPoint recruits workers as strike contingency

A Fairpoint Communications truck makes its way down State Street in Montpelier. VTD/Josh Larkin
Online advertisements seek qualified telecommunications workers willing to cross a picket line. Company, which halted union negotiations Wednesday night, says it needs to have backup workers in the event of a strike.


Optum report says poor leadership kept state from holding CGI accountable

Optum's report finds insufficient state supervision of CGI's work on Vermont Health Connect, recommends hiring a project manager with experience in handling $50 million to $100 million IT projects.


Story and video: Burlington College President Christine Plunkett tells students ‘I resign’

Burlington College President Christine Plunkett leave a board of trustees meeting Friday. Photo by Laura Krantz/VTDigger
The financially struggling school refuseds to confirm whether Plunkett formally resigned after she told students blocking her exit from a board meeting "OK, I resign. Happy?"


Gov. Shumlin names Scott Coriell campaign manager

Governor will formally kick off his bid for a third term Sept. 9.


SCOV Law Blog: Extinction of distinction

Creative Commons photo by walknboston via Flickr
In this case, the SCOV takes the bold step of abolishing Vermont's common law negligence distinction between licensees and invitees.


Under Plunkett’s tenure, Burlington College falters

Christine Plunkett, president of Burlington College. Burlington College photo
President pins the future of the financially troubled college on finding more students.


Hospital payment reform focus shifts to primary care

Members of the Green Mountain Care Board (from left): Betty Rambur,  Allan Ramsay, Al Gobeille, Karen Hein and Con Hogan. Photo by Morgan Trues/VTDigger
Government programs and insurance companies must find a way to offer stable payments to doctors, hospitals, community health centers and clinics to make population health a sustainable model.


Digger Projects

2014 Election Candidate Listings

It's election season again in Vermont. Need to know who's running for state and county offices in your area? Try VTDigger's candidate listings tool. Visit project

VTDigger's Legislator Lookup

Enter your address in VTDigger's Legislative Lookup to find your lawmakers and learn more about them, including biographical and contact information, sponsored bills, voting records, committee memberships and campaign finance details. Visit project

Campaign Finance Database

VTDigger's Campaign Finance Database allows you to find out who gives to political campaigns and how candidates raise money in Vermont.

For the first time, and at no cost to taxpayers, users can easily search for donors and candidates by name, quickly retrieve aggregated totals, and explore business and family connections between donors. Visit project

VTDigger / Castleton Institute Poll

The VTDigger/Castleton Polling Institute poll is based on data from 682 interviews drawn from a random sample of registered voters in Vermont. Interviews were conducted by phone by from March 31 to April 7, 2014. Thirteen percent of interviews were conducted with registered voters on cellphones. The data reported are weighted based on estimations of the population of Vermont registered voters to account for differential in response rates among age groups. Visit project

A User's Guide to Vermont Health Connect

This special section explains how Vermont's health care exchange works for individuals and small businesses. The guide includes interactive subsidy graphs, a navigator map and detailed information about subsidies, penalties and tax ramifications. Visit project


Telly Halkias: Citizen blogs – a chasm of standards

While some have anointed the casual blogger a citizen journalist, there still remains a chasm of standards between the two, most notably in the framework and the rigor with which…

Bob Stannard: 41 years ago

Those two hippy kids who used to walk for miles on the railroad tracks and in the woods holding hands are now two old people with four grandchildren.

Norman B. Solomon: Patients face steep learning curve with high-tech medical options

Assessing the da Vinci robot as a tool in advanced cardiac surgery, from a patient’s perspective, is challenging.

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“Many of them (elitist wealthy people) haven’t a clue what it is like to want to save money on gas and toilet paper or soap and moved here from San Francisco or Marin County or New Jersey and within a couple of years want their new town to look like a postcard when local working folks are just trying to save a buck. They don’t want any of those poor working folks who need to save money coming into their village centers. Maybe Bread and Puppet could occasionally satirize those folks.” — Alan Biederman, an attorney for Dollar General

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