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Five years after Irene, Vermont has rebuilt, but marks remain

Waterbury State Office Comples
The flood-ravaged state pulled together to make “Vermont Strong” more than a license plate. However, some say the financial and other effects will be felt for years to come.


Lead investor makes case to regulators to buy Burlington Labs

Jim Crook Jr.
The drug testing company has been under investigation since October for allegedly overbilling Medicaid. But a state investigator and a lawyer for the lead investor disagree about the status of the probe and its effect on the company’s finances.


Education board’s move on Act 46 ‘exceptions’ finds resistance

School bus
The board isn’t required to establish rules for school districts looking to comply with Act 46 through something other than the merger structures laid out in the law. Some see rulemaking as too time-consuming, while others say it offers important clarity.


Statewide tests find more PFOA at ‘very specific sites’

Statewide testing for chemicals like PFOA turned up more contamination at a three sites in Chittenden County and one in Pittsford.


Libertarian candidate sees opening on presidential stage

Gary Johnson
Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson was in Burlington Wednesday night to tout his fiscally conservative, socially liberal platform.


EB-5 delay forces Mount Snow parent company into stock sale

Mount Snow
Peak Resorts says a proposed $20 million deal will provide much-needed financial flexibility. The company faces cash constraints due to a lean winter and continued delays in Mount Snow's $52 million EB-5 foreign investment program.


Burlington man charged with trafficking drug-addicted women

He is accused of using drugs — either providing or withholding them — threats and violence to coerce six women as young as 19 into prostitution.


Evangelist urges crowd to make ‘Christian voice’ heard at polls

Franklin Graham
Franklin Graham, the son of Billy Graham, did not advocate for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump during his Statehouse prayer rally, but he said the difference between the parties was “night and day.”


Vermont Yankee fund benefits Rutland solar, other projects

Green Mountain Power, due to its former ownership stake in the Vernon nuclear plant, receives periodic disbursements from a Vermont Yankee insurance fund and puts much of the money into renewable energy projects.


Family sues UVM Medical Center for malpractice

UVM Medical Center
The suit says the hospital “deviated from the required standard of care in failing to properly diagnose and treat” a New York man who died Feb. 18.


Family shocked by overdose deaths of two brothers

Dennis Thibault, 34, died of an overdose in June, 2015. Source: Facebook
“The picture of their blue, lifeless bodies, playing over and over again in my head, will never leave me peace,” Penny Thibault wrote to reporters.


State: Vermont Gas likely won’t face fines for killing flowers

Vermont Gas
The Fish and Wildlife head envisions a settlement that would aid recovery of the endangered species. But the Public Service Board also could assess penalties for violating its permit to build a pipeline.


State taxpayers to pick up tab for Burlington College student records

Burlington College
The college had recently moved to electronic transcripts and hired Campus Cafe, a Massachusetts software and information management company that caters to small colleges, to process the transcripts. Campus Cafe has not been paid since last February.


Receiver rebuffs $93 million offer for Jay Peak

Jay Peak
“We’re not even selling it at this point. It was an unsolicited offer,” said Michael Goldberg, who is overseeing the resort and other properties at the heart of the SEC’s fraud case against Bill Stenger and Ariel Quiros.


Special Reports and Projects

EB-5 fraud at Vermont's Jay Peak

Read about the latest developments. Check out the investigative stories VTDigger has published about Jay Peak, Q Burke and AnC Bio Vermont over the past several years.

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Medicaid by the Numbers

About 35% of Vermonters have some kind of Medicaid benefit. Meanwhile, state spending on the program for low-income residents has increased by 73% since 2008.

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Legislative bill tracker, 'Inside the Golden Bubble'

Find all of our coverage on important legislation and oversight issues on this microsite, and follow stories about bills listed by topic — education, energy, judiciary, the economy, health care, and the budget.

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One child's allegations: ‘This never ends for him’

A young boy tells stories about being sexually abused by his mother’s boyfriend. Four years later, the allegations persist, and there is no legal resolution. The case raises questions that experts say are common when child sex assault is suspected.

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In a life of drugs and prison, treatment is elusive key

Chris Dezotelle has spent his adult life in and out of prison because of his addiction to opiates. Now he wants to change. But his struggle shows how the cycle between prison, the outside and treatment can be complicated.

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Turbine sound and fury aggravates neighbors

A recent legal filing from the state lays out a path for individuals to sue over noise from wind farms. Experts say there is no public health threat from the sound of turbines spinning, but neighbors are still seeking relief. 

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The stories about Bernie

Part one of five: Ingest all the up-close-and-personal profiles the national media is producing about Bernie Sanders and you’ll find they start with the same fact: The presidential candidate hates up-close-and-personal profiles.

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Vermont hospital CEOs average $500K a year

The data show that hospital CEO pay is more than double what CEOs in other industries in Vermont make each year. The average CEO compensation was $162,210 in 2013, and the median was $141,050 that year, according to data from the Vermont Department of Labor.

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Pepperspray, pornography and two bad apples

Police officer sues over racial discrimination in the Rutland City Police Department.

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Tax breaks fuel Vermont's solar gold rush

The combination of state incentives and an impending deadline for federal tax credits is making the Green Mountain State a preferred destination for solar energy developers.

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Inmate took his own life after mental illness treatment needs went unmet

Prison was not the place for Fennessey to receive treatment for mental illness, but he returned to a cell several times because the state and community partners could not coordinate what they deemed a suitable re-entry plan before he took his own life.

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Former Rutland Mental Health CEO’s poor leadership may have put clients in danger

Officials cite a pattern of shortcomings in the care provided by the agency that contributed to a client’s overdose, a client being sexually exploited and several others being placed in neglectful or abusive situations, according to documents obtained by VTDigger. Poor management may have also contributed to one client’s untimely death.

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Quote of the Day

“We need the Christian voice to be heard in America today. … You got Hillary and you got Donald Trump. I’m not here to tell you anything good or bad about either one of them. We have to ask ourselves as Christians, OK, we may not like either of the two, but which of the two will appoint judges that will align with what we believe.” — Evangelist Franklin Graham, in a speech at the Vermont Statehouse that was part of his Decision America Tour.

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