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Breaking: Energizer to lay off workers in Bennington, use “external manufacturing”

Bonnie Kalinowski, the human resources director for Energizer’s location in Bennington, confirmed on Friday that the company would lay off workers. She did not say how many or when.


YWP: Sunset Running

10.12.15.AbhiDodgson cropped
This week's Young Writer's Project entry is "Sunset Running" By Abhi Dodgson, a 13-year-old student at Mater Christi School from South Hero.


SCOV Law: Not every turn of the wheel requires signaling

A defendant argues that evidence obtained after a traffic stop is inadmissible because he had not “turned” his vehicle for purposes of the motor vehicle statute under which he was stopped.


State OK’s first large solar array in Guilford

A solar panel and battery storage system at Northern Reliability’s test center in Waitsfield. Photo by John Herrick/VTDigger
Blanchard Hill Solar will be a 500 kilowatt solar array situated on former agricultural land that was chosen, developers say, for its relative seclusion. The town did not object to the project.


Amtrak route cleared as crews work to retrieve locomotive

The tracks at the site of Monday’s derailment of Amtrak’s Vermonter in Northfield have been cleared and are once again open to rail traffic, but a workforce of specialists continues its efforts to retrieve the train’s 135-ton locomotive, still sitting in a ravine below the tracks. The loss of diesel fuel from the locomotive has […]


Hackathon will use open state data to help solve climate crisis

A logo for Hack the Climate: VT, the fifth year of the HackVT competition, which takes place Friday and Saturday, October 9 and 10, 2015. Image courtesy of the group.
The contest’s website promises $20,000 in combined cash and prizes, and Taylor said there are a number of raffles that will be drawn throughout the contest to keep spirits high – and two “minute to win-it” style challenges along the way.


Renewable energy advocates acknowledge public pushback on wind and solar development

Darren Springer
Rep. Tony Klein said the PSB needs to use its existing powers to make people feel more included in the process or there could be a backlash that threatens to have “a positive regulatory process that we’ve seen for the past 40-plus years undone willy-nilly because of emotion.”


Summit spotlights financial woes faced by women

Michelle Fay
Women are the primary breadwinners in 41 percent of households nationwide, and co-breadwinners in 23 percent of homes. However, women make 78 percent of what earn, and represent two-thirds of minimum wage workers, experts said.


Digger Projects

Cutting Class: A Special VTDigger Investigation

Declining enrollment in Vermont’s public schools is at a breaking point: The state’s student population has dropped by 21,000 since 1997, and population projections show continuing declines through at least 2030.

Declining enrollment, rising school spending: The data behind the crisis. An investigation by Amy Ash Nixon, Diane Zeigler and Hilary Niles. Visit project

2015 Legislative Guide

Your go-to resource for the 2015 Vermont legislative session . Visit project

2015 VTDigger/Castleton Institute Poll

The 2015 VTDigger/Castleton Polling Institute survey of 700 Vermonters found support for Gov. Peter Shumlin flagging, but showed an interest in gun regulations and tax options. See the complete results here. Visit project

2014 Election Micro-Site

The 2014 midterm elections are here. Access our comprehensive coverage, including debate archives, candidate profiles, side-by-side comparisons, campaign finance connections, and more. Visit project

VTDigger's Legislator Lookup

Enter your address in VTDigger's Legislative Lookup to find your lawmakers and learn more about them, including biographical and contact information, sponsored bills, voting records, committee memberships and campaign finance details. Visit project

Campaign Finance Database

VTDigger's Campaign Finance Database allows you to find out who gives to political campaigns and how candidates raise money in Vermont.

For the first time, and at no cost to taxpayers, users can easily search for donors and candidates by name, quickly retrieve aggregated totals, and explore business and family connections between donors. Visit project

VTDigger / Castleton Institute Poll

The VTDigger/Castleton Polling Institute poll is based on data from 682 interviews drawn from a random sample of registered voters in Vermont. Interviews were conducted by phone by from March 31 to April 7, 2014. Thirteen percent of interviews were conducted with registered voters on cellphones. The data reported are weighted based on estimations of the population of Vermont registered voters to account for differential in response rates among age groups. Visit project


Gregory Dennis: Bernie vs. Hillary, Round 2

Beyond his sheer unelectability, I’ve hastened to add, Sanders has many admirable qualities. I wish he could become president.

David Deen: Frazil, anchor and rime

What is there to say about ice? Ice is ice, right?

Sara Jane Luneau-Swan: Energy solutions need to be community collaboration

Research and time is needed to create a systematic plan that unites community members and works to keep Vermont green on all fronts.

Quote of the Day

“I think Phil is going to be a good governor. I’m supporting him and I think he’s got a good chance of winning the race.” — Scott Milne in endorsing Lt. Gov. Phil Scott for governor

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