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YWP: ‘Walking with the lights out’

This week's Young Writers Project entry is "Walking with the lights out" by Leah Kelleher, an eighth-grader at from Essex.


SCOV Law Blog: Unreasonable search and seizure?

The defendent argued that he was illegally seized when a trooper woke him a second time, asked pointed questions about his drug history, and threatened a dog search.


Vermont has third highest per capita number of solar jobs in the nation

BED rooftop solar array
In 2015 alone, the state put 34.4 megawatts of solar energy into use, bringing total installed solar capacity in Vermont to 104.4 megawatts.


Involuntary medication, Reach Up deduction among main topics

Lawmakers began taking public testimony on the budget Thursday.


Burlington teachers union, board reach impasse on salary negotiations

Burlington school district
The average teacher salary in Burlington is $71,624. With benefits, the average compensation package is worth about $100,000, according to Porter.


Sanders, Clinton spar in final debate before South Carolina

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 11.24.05 PM
Health care and foreign policy dominated the PBS debate, the last scheduled before key contests in South Carolina and Nevada later this month.


Advocates push to make suicide prevention a central issue

They are rounding up support for funding a program that tries to ensure no suicides among people receiving care in Vermont.


Landlord faces criminal charges over code violations

Soon Kwon
He pleaded not guilty to 88 criminal counts stemming from violations of Burlington’s minimum housing standards at three rental properties.


Critics: Record on sewage overflow enforcement stinks

Sunset over Lake Champlain,
Rutland alone had more than 30 discharges of untreated wastewater last year, according to Lake Champlain International. But towns and the state say it’s no simple matter to make the expensive system upgrades that are needed.


Sanders rakes in $5.2 million in post-primary appeal

Bernie Sanders
The senator also gains the support — or at least the ear — of prominent African-Americans as he looks toward South Carolina.


Davis: A health care ‘yes’ that should be ‘no’

Aerial view of the Fletcher Allen Health Care campus. Photo courtesy of FAHC.
The governor and state health care officials are sowing confusion and misunderstanding with their answers to questions about accountable care organizations.


Senate passes sick leave bill without small business exemption

Senate Pro Tempore John Campbell was able to find a strategy and another vote to defeat an exemption that would have allowed businesses with five or fewer employees to not be subject to the Senate bill.


Special Reports and Projects

Cutting Class: A VTDigger Investigation

Declining enrollment in Vermont’s public schools is at a breaking point: The state’s student population has dropped by 21,000 since 1997, and population projections show continuing declines through at least 2030.

Declining enrollment, rising school spending: The data behind the crisis. An investigation by Amy Ash Nixon, Diane Zeigler and Hilary Niles.

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2015 VTDigger / Castleton Institute Poll

The 2015 VTDigger/Castleton Polling Institute survey of 700 Vermonters found support for Gov. Peter Shumlin flagging, but showed an interest in gun regulations and tax options. See the complete results here.

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VTD 411 - Cell Phone Ban

Eight facts you need to know about Vermont’s new cellphone law. A VTD-411

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Halfway Hotels

Halfway Hotels: Vermont’s Quick Fix for Homelessness. A VTDigger Investigation by Laura Krantz and Cory Dawson.

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2014 Election Candidate Listings

It’s election season again in Vermont. Need to know who’s running for state and county offices in your area? Try VTDigger’s candidate listings tool.

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VTDigger / Castleton Institute Poll

The VTDigger/Castleton Polling Institute poll is based on data from 682 interviews drawn from a random sample of registered voters in Vermont. Interviews were conducted by phone by from March 31 to April 7, 2014. Thirteen percent of interviews were conducted with registered voters on cellphones. The data reported are weighted based on estimations of the population of Vermont registered voters to account for differential in response rates among age groups.

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A User's Guide to Vermont Health Connect

This special section explains how Vermont’s health care exchange works for individuals and small businesses. The guide includes interactive subsidy graphs, a navigator map and detailed information about subsidies, penalties and tax ramifications.

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Quote of the Day

“There have been some modifications to the law over the years. But a lot of this dates back to when women stayed home all the time, and that’s just not the case today. In many, many relationships, both the husband and the wife work. Yet, the alimony laws were written in a time when it was like ‘Leave it to Beaver.’” Rick Fleming, president of Vermont Alimony Reform, on his efforts to get the state to revamp alimony laws

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