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Private firm to secure courts in Windham, Chittenden counties

Windham Superior Court
The Vermont court administrator's office says Securitas USA will provide armed security services at courthouses in Brattleboro and Newfane, replacing Windham County sheriff's deputies. Securitas also is taking over for a private contractor at a civil and probate courthouse in Burlington.


As Sorrell’s tenure winds down, campaign finance case heats up

Bill Sorrell
The attorney general has signaled he’s willing to end his long legal pursuit of Dean Corren in a settlement before leaving office. But Corren is hitting back at Sorrell for blaming delays on him and says the state doesn’t have a case.


Blood tests find five times average level of PFOA, state says

The testing involved 477 people whose private drinking water has been contaminated with PFOA or who lived near or worked at the former Chemfab site in Bennington that is considered the source of the chemical.


Tenants must be out of aging Memorial Auditorium by year end

Party Chairman Steve Howard explains the rules at Memorial Auditorium. Photo by Greg Guma.
The Burlington city engineer has said the building won’t be fit for continued occupancy without significant repairs. The city has been considering the future of the property and nearby parcels, including their possible use for a new UVM sports arena.


Margolis: If this is ‘boring,’ then let’s have more

The governor’s race is a substantive one in which all five principal candidates are making serious public policy proposals. Second, not one of them is a fool or a scoundrel.


A portrait of a Vermont artist as a young man

Gregory Douglass
Musician Gregory Douglass turns the challenges of a shifting economic and electronic landscape into the stuff of a new album — “an ode to being a creative person in the age of information.”


Shaftsbury residents get update on PFOA found in landfill

PFOA Shaftsbury
A test showed that PFOA was present in the landfill at a concentration of 25 parts per trillion, just above the state limit of 20 ppt. The town is testing wells within one quarter mile of the landfill and providing bottled water to those homes.


Sanders struggles to keep Sanderistas at bay

Bernie Sanders, Democratic National Convention
Boos frequently echoed through the Wells Fargo Arena when Clinton’s name was uttered. VIDEO


Vermonters protest with thousands at Democratic National Convention

Democratic National Convention
The march was organized by the Poor People’s Economic and Human Rights Campaign, a Philadelphia-based organization that fights for social justice.


Documents suggest state ignored warnings about Jay Peak in 2012

Jay Peak: Tram Haus Lodge
A consultant four years ago tried to alert state officials to questionable financial practices.


Margolis: For a scandal, it takes more than the latest emails

Bernie Sanders
Perhaps Bernie Sanders, who has lost elections before, understands that while losing can be honorable, whining about it is not. Would that all his followers understood that, too.


Lawmakers approve $21 million general fund rescission plan

Joint Fiscal Committee
One legislator hailed the plan, which relies largely on leftover money from the Medicaid program, as “a much easier path” than previous rescissions.


Chittenden County Senate race draws dollars into Democratic primary scrum

Chittenden County Senate
As of July 15, with three weeks to go before the primary, candidates had spent more than $105,000. In all of 2014, spending topped out at $141,000. The dollars are pouring in partly because two seats are open among the six-person delegation, which is unusual.


Vernon farm takes ‘cow energy’ in a different direction

Jeff Dunklee
Manure is now producing a steady supply of hot water — and cutting propane use — at Vern-Mont Farm due to a partnership with an Enosburg Falls company specializing in compost heat recovery.


Special Reports and Projects

EB-5 fraud at Vermont's Jay Peak

Read about the latest developments. Check out the investigative stories VTDigger has published about Jay Peak, Q Burke and AnC Bio Vermont over the past several years.

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Medicaid by the Numbers

About 35% of Vermonters have some kind of Medicaid benefit. Meanwhile, state spending on the program for low-income residents has increased by 73% since 2008.

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Legislative bill tracker, 'Inside the Golden Bubble'

Find all of our coverage on important legislation and oversight issues on this microsite, and follow stories about bills listed by topic — education, energy, judiciary, the economy, health care, and the budget.

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One child's allegations: ‘This never ends for him’

A young boy tells stories about being sexually abused by his mother’s boyfriend. Four years later, the allegations persist, and there is no legal resolution. The case raises questions that experts say are common when child sex assault is suspected.

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In a life of drugs and prison, treatment is elusive key

Chris Dezotelle has spent his adult life in and out of prison because of his addiction to opiates. Now he wants to change. But his struggle shows how the cycle between prison, the outside and treatment can be complicated.

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Turbine sound and fury aggravates neighbors

A recent legal filing from the state lays out a path for individuals to sue over noise from wind farms. Experts say there is no public health threat from the sound of turbines spinning, but neighbors are still seeking relief. 

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The stories about Bernie

Part one of five: Ingest all the up-close-and-personal profiles the national media is producing about Bernie Sanders and you’ll find they start with the same fact: The presidential candidate hates up-close-and-personal profiles.

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Vermont hospital CEOs average $500K a year

The data show that hospital CEO pay is more than double what CEOs in other industries in Vermont make each year. The average CEO compensation was $162,210 in 2013, and the median was $141,050 that year, according to data from the Vermont Department of Labor.

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Pepperspray, pornography and two bad apples

Police officer sues over racial discrimination in the Rutland City Police Department.

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Tax breaks fuel Vermont's solar gold rush

The combination of state incentives and an impending deadline for federal tax credits is making the Green Mountain State a preferred destination for solar energy developers.

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Inmate took his own life after mental illness treatment needs went unmet

Prison was not the place for Fennessey to receive treatment for mental illness, but he returned to a cell several times because the state and community partners could not coordinate what they deemed a suitable re-entry plan before he took his own life.

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Former Rutland Mental Health CEO’s poor leadership may have put clients in danger

Officials cite a pattern of shortcomings in the care provided by the agency that contributed to a client’s overdose, a client being sexually exploited and several others being placed in neglectful or abusive situations, according to documents obtained by VTDigger. Poor management may have also contributed to one client’s untimely death.

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Quote of the Day

“Brothers and sisters, this is the real world that we live in.” — Bernie Sanders, in an appeal to Vermont delegates to support Hillary Clinton.

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