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Child care providers say new regulations will be costly

Braeden Schuren Burns (left) and Sophia Ridge (right) play at Turtle Island Children’s Center in Montpelier, before a news conference announcing the 28th annual Trouble in Toyland report by Vermont Public Interest Group. Photo by Hilary Niles/VTDigger.
The new regulations were based upon extensive national research and discussions that began in 2012, according to a state official. However, as child care professionals begin to navigate the changing field in order to comply, some feel the new regulations do more harm than good.


Scott touts transportation plan, auto dealers’ endorsement

Phil Scott
The policy is largely defined by what it would not do: raise taxes or rely on additional borrowing. Scott calls for “pro-growth economic policies” in the form of tax credits, as well as greater efficiency at the Agency of Transportation.


Rutland area resident seeks to charter local NAACP chapter

Tabitha Pohl-Moore
Plans for a southern Vermont offshoot of the nation’s oldest and largest nonpartisan civil rights organization come after recent allegations of racism in the city Police Department and division over a proposal to host an estimated 100 Syrian refugees.


Windham County renewables to get boost via Vermont Yankee

Vermont Yankee 2010
The state has awarded $400,000 to the Windham Regional Commission to develop a grant program for small renewable energy projects. The cash comes from a 2013 Vermont Yankee shutdown settlement with the state.


Police investigating break-in at former Burlington College building

Burlington College
Vandals stole computers and a van and caused damage to the property.


Obama boosts Clinton, ‘feels the Bern’

Democratic National Convention
Obama darted rhetorically between Clinton’s qualifications and Donald Trump’s shortcomings.


Disaster drill involves simulated infectious disease outbreak

Vigilant Guard
The training exercise envisions an outbreak in which thousands of Vermonters are infected and hundreds are dead or dying while hospitals are overwhelmed and medical supplies need to be distributed across the state.


Sanders has special words for northern New Englanders

Bernie Sanders
The senator thanked delegates from the region, which provided him some of his strongest support.


Business leaders, mayor look to ease conflict over refugees

Area business groups warn that the battle over the possible arrival of Syrian refugees could hurt the region’s marketability. And the mayor, acknowledging that the process so far has led to division, is proposing an advisory group of both supporters and skeptics.


Poll: Scott still best-known, but Minter as well-liked

A new Vermont Public Radio poll finds that several candidates still haven’t managed to move most voters — or even to get their attention. Issues such as opiate abuse, however, are on the minds of many Vermonters.


Audit: Many state employees weren’t evaluated last year

Doug Hoffer
Just 15 percent of employees in three departments underwent an annual review in 2015, according to a report released by State Auditor Doug Hoffer. The evaluations are required by statute.


Windham County side judge investigated for ethics violation

The Windham County Courthouse in Newfane. U.S. Department of Agriculture photo
Assistant Judge Paul Kane is accused of siphoning estate money for personal use.


Syrian refugee resettlement issue divides Republican, Democratic candidates for governor

Chris Louras
Lisman wants a moratorium; Scott says he won't stand in the way. All three Democrats support resettlement.


Sanderistas walk out of Democratic National Convention as Clinton is nominated

Democratic National Convention
The most progressive delegates spurned pleas for party unity, booing loudly Monday and walking out Tuesday.


Special Reports and Projects

EB-5 fraud at Vermont's Jay Peak

Read about the latest developments. Check out the investigative stories VTDigger has published about Jay Peak, Q Burke and AnC Bio Vermont over the past several years.

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Medicaid by the Numbers

About 35% of Vermonters have some kind of Medicaid benefit. Meanwhile, state spending on the program for low-income residents has increased by 73% since 2008.

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Legislative bill tracker, 'Inside the Golden Bubble'

Find all of our coverage on important legislation and oversight issues on this microsite, and follow stories about bills listed by topic — education, energy, judiciary, the economy, health care, and the budget.

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One child's allegations: ‘This never ends for him’

A young boy tells stories about being sexually abused by his mother’s boyfriend. Four years later, the allegations persist, and there is no legal resolution. The case raises questions that experts say are common when child sex assault is suspected.

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In a life of drugs and prison, treatment is elusive key

Chris Dezotelle has spent his adult life in and out of prison because of his addiction to opiates. Now he wants to change. But his struggle shows how the cycle between prison, the outside and treatment can be complicated.

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Turbine sound and fury aggravates neighbors

A recent legal filing from the state lays out a path for individuals to sue over noise from wind farms. Experts say there is no public health threat from the sound of turbines spinning, but neighbors are still seeking relief. 

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The stories about Bernie

Part one of five: Ingest all the up-close-and-personal profiles the national media is producing about Bernie Sanders and you’ll find they start with the same fact: The presidential candidate hates up-close-and-personal profiles.

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Vermont hospital CEOs average $500K a year

The data show that hospital CEO pay is more than double what CEOs in other industries in Vermont make each year. The average CEO compensation was $162,210 in 2013, and the median was $141,050 that year, according to data from the Vermont Department of Labor.

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Pepperspray, pornography and two bad apples

Police officer sues over racial discrimination in the Rutland City Police Department.

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Tax breaks fuel Vermont's solar gold rush

The combination of state incentives and an impending deadline for federal tax credits is making the Green Mountain State a preferred destination for solar energy developers.

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Inmate took his own life after mental illness treatment needs went unmet

Prison was not the place for Fennessey to receive treatment for mental illness, but he returned to a cell several times because the state and community partners could not coordinate what they deemed a suitable re-entry plan before he took his own life.

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Former Rutland Mental Health CEO’s poor leadership may have put clients in danger

Officials cite a pattern of shortcomings in the care provided by the agency that contributed to a client’s overdose, a client being sexually exploited and several others being placed in neglectful or abusive situations, according to documents obtained by VTDigger. Poor management may have also contributed to one client’s untimely death.

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Quote of the Day

“Brothers and sisters, this is the real world that we live in.” — Bernie Sanders, in an appeal to Vermont delegates to support Hillary Clinton.

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