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Elmore voters agree to study merger with Morristown

Elmore voter Jessica Dambach casts her ballot at the annual Town Meeting in Elmore on a question about entering a merger study with the Morristown School District. Voters had to give their names for the checklist to ensure only one vote per voter was used.
Residents of Elmore, home of Vermont's last one-room schoolhouse, voted to undertake a study about joining with a neighboring school district.


Bridgewater voters OK plan to close elementary school

Bridgewater town meeting
Town residents elect to send their elementary students to Pomfret after years of rising school budgets and declining enrollment. Some residents blame state mandates.


Programs that target criminal recidivism among mentally ill slated for cuts

Department of Mental Health Deputy Commissioner Frank Reed (left) and Commissioner Paul Dupre. Photo by Hilary Niles/VTDigger
State budget cuts could eliminate grants that help mentally ill people stay out of prison.


Water quality bill passes without current use penalty

The beauty of mile-long Silver Lake has inspired the prose of writers and intense loyalty from the hikers and family who return there year after year to picnic, swim, or camp at tent sites hidden along the shore at left. Photo by M. Dickey Drysdale
The House Agriculture Committee voted out sweeping legislation to address water quality but pulled a section that would remove tax benefits for farmers who fail to address chronic pollution.


Photo Slideshow: Town Meeting in Elmore

An Elmore voter places their paper ballot in the mailbox where votes on whether the town should study a possible merger with Morristown were collected at Town Meeting. The vote was 79 to 19 in favor of embarking on the merger study.
Scenes from Town Meeting Day at the Elmore Town Hall. Photos by Amy Ash Nixon.


Inside Woodside Center: A teen’s solitary story

Sam Ramsey
On Aug. 24, 2011, Sam Ramsey was headed to the gym with nine other teens to play a nightly game of pickup basketball at the Woodside Juvenile Rehabilitation Center. He never made it.


Vermont Workers’ Center says single payer possible by 2017

The Vermont Workers' Center sponsors a Health and Diginity Rally in the Cedar Creek Room of the Vermont Statehouse in Montpelier on opening day of the 2014 legislative session. Photo by Roger Crowley/for VTDigger
Building off the same financing plan that Gov. Peter Shumlin used in deciding not to proceed with single payer, the study says the state can use progressive tax structures to provide universal care by 2017.


As lawmakers mull consolidation, towns decide for themselves

Peoples Academy. Photo by redjar/Creative Commons
Voters in Elmore and Morristown will weigh whether to take the first steps toward merging as school district consolidation is a hot topic in Montpelier.


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Scott Woodward: The importance of health care price transparency

The clearest and most plausible idea that would reduce the impact of the cost-shift is to increase health care price transparency.

Michael Badamo: The case for cannabis

Cannabis is a blessing, not a curse, and the law ought to start recognizing that fact.

Karen Gross: Where are the voices of college presidents?

Today’s educational leaders are vacating the bully lectern -- even on issues related to their own campuses.

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“The nutshell is I wanted you folks to know that Republicans were out in front on this question, and we are very happy that Mr. Hoffer chose to do a performance audit and we are calling on the attorney general now to follow through with that to decide if anything more formal should be done with respect to Mr. Gruber.” — Senate Minority Leader Joe Benning on criticism of the state’s handling of health care consultant Jonathan Gruber’s contract

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