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‘Sodexo’ bill fails in the Senate

Sodexo photo via Creative Commons
The legislation that would have prohibited companies from penalizing employees who use sick leave time failed in the Senate on Tuesday.


Telecom bill forms new state oversight arm for buildout of broadband infrastructure

Broadband sign. Photo by Paul Nicholson.
Department of Public Service will oversee the state’s Connectivity Fund programs which bring broadband to rural areas of Vermont.


House Education Committee’s ‘big bill’ on floor Wednesday

House Education Committee
On the eve of the House vote, questions remained about some key proposals in the bill.


Lawmakers skeptical of giant human services IT project

Sen. Jane Kitchel, D-Caledonia, presides over the Senate Appropriations Committee's final budget writing while Jim Reardon, Commissioner of the Department of Finance and Management, looks on. Photo by Hilary Niles/VTDigger
The cost to maintain the so-called integrated eligibility system worries lawmakers who are already struggling to balance the budget.


Small and Rural Schools Caucus forms in House

Laura Sibilia
The group is concerned about new legislation’s potential impact on small schools, especially those in areas that are economically distressed.


Scaled-down health care package limits ‘real progress,’ Shumlin says

Gov. Peter Shumlin and Lawrence Miller, chief of the state's heath care reform effort, attend a news conference Thursday in Barre to announce a grant to repair flood damage in the city. Photo by John Herrick/VTDigger
A $20 million health care spending package approved by a House committee Tuesday is not enough to provide meaningful reform, Gov. Peter Shumlin says.


Shumlin courts groups angered by Indiana law

Photo by Abi Skipp/via Creative Commons
Gov. Peter Shumlin is inviting organizations that oppose an Indiana "religious freedom" law to move their events to Vermont. He has also barred state-funded travel to the Hoosier State.


Margolis: Corren case illustrates absurdity of campaign finance law

Dean Corren
This lawsuit demonstrates how the campaign finance laws have largely been reduced to legal fine print.


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Walt Amses: The things of spring

In one fell swoop, the temperature hit 50 degrees in early March, providing a 15-minute respite between the misery of winter and the misery of spring.

Joseph McSherry: The benefits of marijuana legalization

THC, the psychoactive bugaboo in cannabis, does not cause mental disorders. THC does not cause kids to drop out of school or lose their IQ.

Suzi Wizowaty: Repairing and reforming the justice system

This spring, Vermont has the opportunity to take large steps backward or forward in the area of criminal justice. S.9, the well-intended but anti-family “child protection” bill, takes the state…

Quote of the Day

“We have promised Vermonters we’re going to try to rein in spending and put Vermont on a better fiscal path. If this miscellaneous tax bill goes down, the alternative is higher taxes.” — Minority Leader Rep. Don Turner, R-Milton

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