Vermont Public Service Board

New Vermont Public Service Board chair won’t hear Vermont Yankee case

Anthony Roisman has recused himself from reviewing the Vernon plant’s proposed sale. Roisman recently represented the state in Vermont Yankee matters.

Companies defend Vermont Yankee sale review process

Entergy and NorthStar Group Services want the Vermont Public Service Board to dismiss an anti-nuclear group’s objections regarding the plant’s proposed sale.

Entergy wants to shrink Vermont Yankee security zone

The change would downsize the Vernon nuclear plant’s protected area from 10.5 acres to 1.3 acres and save at least $1.2 million a month, Entergy says. Federal and state regulators are reviewing the request.

Scott picks environmental lawyer to head Public Service Board

Anthony Roisman has fought a range of environmental cases in his long career, often involving energy or toxics. The governor had vowed to choose someone who would oppose ridgeline wind development.

Vermont Gas Systems fined for environmental violation

The company was fined an additional $25,000 for violating the terms of an agreement with the state to protect threatened species.

State supports confidentiality for documents in Yankee case

Officials won’t object to NorthStar Group Services’ request to restrict public access to two Vermont Yankee decommissioning documents. But two organizations are protesting.

PSB would cap night turbine noise below ‘levels in a library’

The board backed off somewhat from a stricter proposal before sending the new standards to legislators for review. Both supporters and opponents of wind power panned the rules.

Case closed on Georgia turbine neighbor’s noise complaint

The remaining question was whether to test inside the home of the woman who lodged the complaint, to see if noise levels might have been too high. The state decided there was no need.

Yankee suitor: Public shouldn’t see ‘highly confidential’ plans

NorthStar Group Services is asking for unusual protections for two documents related to decommissioning. But some people are raising concerns about transparency.

Mark Whitworth: The wind industry has vastly damaged Vermont

Vermont’s Public Service Board has proposed new noise rules and Big Wind doesn’t like them.

Some predict trouble over rubble at Vermont Yankee

The company hoping to buy the plant wants to reuse crushed concrete as fill at the site. The current owner pledged in 2013 not to do that, and a watchdog group likens it to creating a landfill.

Legislation renames Public Service Board

n omnibus energy bill is headed to the Senate floor in the waning days of the 2017 legislative session. The legislation, S.52, would change certain regulatory protocols for energy projects. In addition, the quasi-judicial Public Service Board, which approves utility rates and issues permits for projects, would be renamed the Public Utilities Commission. The bill […]

Group asks justices to force PSB to reopen pipeline permit

The Conservation Law Foundation says its appeal is less about stopping the pipeline, which is already in use, than holding the Public Service Board accountable to the law regarding permits.

Sarah Wolfe: A functional ban on wind power

The Public Service Board rule is unsupported by the clear weight of scientific evidence on acoustic engineering and public health.