renewable portfolio standard

Special Report: New renewable standard would revolutionize energy use in Vermont

If lawmakers don’t replace the current system this legislative biennium, electric rates could jump 6 percent statewide, and as high as 20 percent for Burlington customers, according to state officials.

Legislative preview: Energy credits, lake cleanup to top agenda

Carbon tax unlikely, but a replacement for the SPEED program for renewable energy and ways to pay for Lake Champlain cleanup will keep lawmakers busy.

Report: Changes needed to meet renewable energy goals

The state aims to get 90 percent of its power from renewable sources by 2050. But a new report says Vermont will fall short unless new policies are put in place.

Environmentalists want “tiered” approach to efficiency standards for biomass

Without some sort of tiered approach, the state would allow less efficient projects to go online and count toward the renewable portfolio standard, Fidel said.

Administration produces renewable portfolio standard proposal

The DPS proposes the state have a goal of 75 percent renewable energy by 2032, including 35 percent “new renewable” and 10 percent small-scale generation.