renewable energy credits

Scott Woodward: Bridging the renewable energy divide

We are a small state, but we are pushing as hard, or harder, than most states. It is not too much to ask for transparency when it comes to our renewable energy progress.

Kevin Jones: Too good to be true?

Multiple communications I received raised concerns about the potential deceptive nature of Green Mountain Power and Yeloha’s claims.

Special Report: New renewable standard would revolutionize energy use in Vermont

If lawmakers don’t replace the current system this legislative biennium, electric rates could jump 6 percent statewide, and as high as 20 percent for Burlington customers, according to state officials.

Legislative preview: Energy credits, lake cleanup to top agenda

Carbon tax unlikely, but a replacement for the SPEED program for renewable energy and ways to pay for Lake Champlain cleanup will keep lawmakers busy.

Administration prepared to scrap SPEED program

The Department of Public Service says a system such as a renewable portfolio standard would better meet the state’s energy goals than the current voluntary system.

Report: Changes needed to meet renewable energy goals

The state aims to get 90 percent of its power from renewable sources by 2050. But a new report says Vermont will fall short unless new policies are put in place.

Don Kreis: GMP’s B Corp status

IOUs like GMP should be virtuous corporate citizens – every last one of them eligible for B Corp status – because the law requires such virtue of them.

Vermont utilities could lose millions of dollars in energy credits

The Vermont Legislature looks to set a renewable portfolio standard that would establish by law how much electricity generated from wind, solar and other renewable resources utilities must sell to customers.

Don Kreis: Fighting for Vermont’s soul before the Federal Trade Commission

The essence of the complaint is that Vermonters and their utilities have no right to claim they are using renewable energy even though they are buying energy from places like the wind turbines on Lowell Mountain, on Georgia Mountain, in Sheffield, and in Searsburg.

Group calls on FTC to review GMP’s renewable energy claims

Selling its power as renewable on the retail market should preclude Green Mountain Power from selling renewable energy credits to other producers. To do both is deceptive, they say. GMP says its marketing is accurate.

Washington Electric Co-op resumes net metering

News Release — Washington Electric Co-op July 10, 2014 Washington Electric Co-op is excited to announce that it is accepting applications for Net Metering in its service territory. The Vermont Public Service Board (PSB) issued a letter today indicating that the WEC net metering plan has been approved. This means WEC can resume taking net […]

Ben Luce: Vermont’s REC shell game

How Vermont created the most fraudulent and environmentally abusive renewable energy policy framework in the nation

Electricity supplier won’t buy Vermont renewable energy credits

“It is a fundamental principle of all renewable energy market sales that the environmental characteristics associated with the electric energy generated cannot be counted or claimed twice,” said NextEra Energy in a letter last week.

Legislative wrap: Net metering took center stage among energy bills

Lawmakers raise cap on renewable energy projects and allow Efficiency Vermont to underwrite heat pumps.