Feeling increased election burden, clerks appeal for a break

They want a “gap day” just before the balloting, although the secretary of state argues that could limit voting. Other reforms are being made to head off further problems with recounts.

Recount affirms Pownal Selectboard result

POWNAL — A hand recount Wednesday affirmed the Town Meeting Day victory of veteran Selectboard member Nelson Brownell for another term. The recount was requested by challenger Michael George, who was eight votes behind after the initial count March 7 — 259 to 251. Assistant Town Clerk Julie Weber said the totals after the second […]

UPDATED: Recount called off, Frenier retains House seat

A clerk had previously opened a ballot bag, which state law allows. But the rules for the recount said it would be called off if a bag had been “tampered with.”

New recount in disputed House election to start Wednesday

The ballots from the six Orange-1 District towns could take until Thursday to tally.

With rules in place, recount can begin once date is set

Rep. Bob Frenier, whose seat is at stake, said he would have preferred a roll call vote on the rules “so the people who voted for this could be interrogated at town meeting.”

Panel recommends ground rules for House recount

The tallying would start Feb. 22. The proposed rules cover everything from how ballots will be picked up from the town offices to what to do in case of tampering.

‘Subgroup’ of lawmakers to suggest rules for House recount

The actual counting of ballots in the first recount of a House race to be conducted by lawmakers since 1985 is likely still at least two weeks away.

House authorizes new recount in disputed election

The vote followed more than five hours of debate Wednesday afternoon and evening. A date for the recount hasn’t been set.

Recount resolution requires more debate for House panel

“I think that there is a lot of misunderstanding and misperception even about the basic facts of this matter,” said Will Senning, director of elections in the secretary of state’s office.

House panel calls for new recount in disputed election

The question now goes to the full House. Meanwhile, the House speaker said she plans to have lawmakers take a close look at recount procedures after several issues last fall.

Condos rejects challenge to House member over recount

The leader of the House Progressive caucus sought to block Bob Frenier from being seated because his election is in dispute.

Second recount comes out in Ainsworth’s favor by single vote

David Ainsworth, a Royalton Republican, said Rep. Sarah Buxton, D-Tunbridge, his four-time rival, congratulated him after the tally was announced and the two hugged.

Buxton-Ainsworth House contest headed for a second recount

The initial count on Election Day showed incumbent Sarah Buxton with a three-vote lead over David Ainsworth in their Windsor-1 District, but the Nov. 21 recount showed a tie at 1,000 votes apiece. Uncertainty remained over whether two Ainsworth votes had been included in that count.

Milne may drop recount, likely won’t concede

“Unless the votes change dramatically it’d be unlikely we’d ask for a recount,” Milne said Tuesday evening in a phone interview.