NRC denies state’s appeals on Vermont Yankee emergency planning

Vermont officials had appealed federal rulings that allowed the shut-down nuclear plant to reduce emergency operations. But the NRC ruled in part that the state had not produced enough evidence to back its claims about increased health and safety risks.

Entergy won’t face fine for federal violation

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission says the Vermont Yankee owner prematurely withdrew $282,000 from the Vernon plant’s decommissioning trust fund. But officials say Entergy won’t be fined due to confusion about federal rules.

Latest round of Vermont Yankee staff cuts set for Thursday

The second major workforce reduction at the shut-down Vernon plant will bring employment to 136, down from 554 when the facility stopped producing power in December 2014.

Feds allow big drop in Vermont Yankee insurance

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission says Entergy Vermont Yankee can decrease its on-site property damage insurance coverage from $1.06 billion to $50 million due to decreased risks at the shut-down Vernon plant.

Welch says his bill would boost local input on nuke plant cleanups

VERNON — Echoing a theme in Vermont Yankee’s decommissioning, U.S. Rep. Peter Welch says newly introduced federal legislation would increase the influence of state and local governments in nuclear plant cleanups. Welch, D-Vt., announced Wednesday that he had introduced the Nuclear Plant Decommissioning Act as a companion to a Senate bill introduced by U.S. Sen. […]

With change in crisis planning, era ends for Vermont Yankee area

An 18-town, three-state emergency planning zone disappears Tuesday as part of federally approved changes at the Vernon plant. But owner Entergy and state officials say emergency response capabilities remain “robust.”

Entergy projecting big Vermont Yankee surplus after cleanup

New regulatory filings show the plant’s owner believes $190.6 million will be left after Vermont Yankee decommissioning — in sharp contrast to state concerns that the company’s funding will fall short.

Feds want more details on Vermont Yankee water

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission says Entergy needs proof of the water’s reportedly low levels of contamination before approving a new disposal site in Idaho.

Industry group disputes Vermont’s fears about decommissioning

A senior director with the Washington, D.C.-based Nuclear Energy Institute says it is impossible for a plant owner to leave a decommissioning project like Vermont Yankee unfinished. The institute opposes adding more financial assurance or public input to the process.

Federal review finds no issues with Vermont Yankee cleanup plan

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission says Entergy’s post-shutdown decommissioning activities report is consistent with federal regulations. The report includes Entergy’s cost estimates for terminating its license at the Vernon site.

Feds won’t stop nuclear plant exemptions

The NRC announced it will continue to issue regulatory exemptions to companies that are decommissioning nuclear power plants like Vermont Yankee.

Vt. congressional delegation: Public needs more say in nuke rules

As the Nuclear Regulatory Commission begins a years-long effort to develop new regulations for decommissioning nuclear plants, six federal legislators – including three from Vermont – are urging more public meetings and more public comment.

NRC to approve scaled back emergency operations at Vermont Yankee

Under the plan, Entergy will eliminate a 10-mile emergency planning zone, funding for state environmental monitoring and money to towns for emergency planning. Vermont officials have objected to the changes.

Vermont officials heading to Washington for NRC confab

Vermont Public Service Department Commissioner Chris Recchia and state Nuclear Engineer Tony Leshinskie are traveling later this month to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s headquarters for a face-to-face meeting.