Brad Ferland: NDCAP conducted an extraordinary meeting

The NDCAP should be commended for inviting the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, NorthStar and Entergy to hear Vermonters’ concerns and support for NorthStar’s plan to decommission Vermont Yankee, and answer questions directly.

Feds face questions at Vermont Yankee meeting

Nuclear Regulatory Commission officials said the plant’s cleanup should provide for “unrestricted” future use. And they said NorthStar, the proposed buyer, must find ways to cover any financial shortfalls that occur during decommissioning.

Robert Oeser: NorthStar’s ‘rubblization’ plan raises questions

Recent articles on NorthStar’s bid to take over decommissioning of the Entergy Vermont Yankee site have raised some questions for me.

Guy Page: NorthStar has a solid decommissioning plan

It is my hope that after careful review, the Public Service Board will find that early decommissioning of the site is in the public interest and that NorthStar is more than qualified to get the job done.

Vernon Planning Commission: Chapter 3 in Vernon’s energy drama

Vernon stands poised to contribute to new cutting edge power generation – which has become something of a habit for our small town in the southeastern corner of Vermont.

Proposed Vermont Yankee cleanup company responds to concerns

AREVA Nuclear Materials is defending the timing, cost and safety of a plan to accelerate the cleanup of Vermont Yankee.

Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens Advisory Panel to Meet March 23

News Release — Vermont Public Service Department March 16, 2016 Contact: Anthony Leshinskie, State Nuclear Engineer (802)272-1714 [email protected] Vermont Public Service Department Announces March 23, 2017 Meeting of the Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens Advisory Panel. Montpelier, VT – The Public Service Department today announced the next meeting of the Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens Advisory Panel will be […]

Guy Page: Earlier decommissioning of Vermont Yankee has multiple benefits

The advantage to Vermonters of the sale of Vermont Yankee to NorthStar can be summed up this way: sooner rather than later.

Proposed nuke panel shakeup irks senator

The plan would increase the citizen advisory panel’s legislative representation while limiting it to lawmakers from Windham County. That means Sen. Mark MacDonald, D-Orange, a Vermont Yankee critic, could no longer be a member.

Vermont Yankee buyer lobbies for feds’ blessing

NorthStar Group Services Inc. says decommissioning could start in 2019 – but only if federal and state approvals are expedited.

Former state regulator now an Entergy ally

Some activists are concerned that a former state commissioner could exert undue influence as an attorney supporting the sale of Vermont Yankee.

Vermont Yankee buyer touts cleanup ‘dream team’

NorthStar Group Services says its detailed financial planning, tight budgets, cleanup experience and business partners will allow Vermont Yankee decommissioning to happen by 2030.

Illinois plant may be model for Vermont Yankee cleanup

An accelerated, outsourced decommissioning job at the former Zion nuclear plant provides some insight into how Entergy is hoping to speed cleanup by selling Vermont Yankee.

UPDATED: Entergy to sell Vermont Yankee to NorthStar

The New York-based company will start decommissioning in 2021. The sale is subject to state and federal approval.