FAA offers few solutions for F-35 noise mitigation in South Burlington

The odds of the FAA funding a sound wall are slim. In order to be effective, a wall would need to be up to 60 feet tall.

City Market celebrates expansion to Burlington’s South End

The new location should take some pressure off the downtown store, which the general manager says has exceeded its capacity since opening 15 years ago.

Burlington City Council cracks down on lighting up in public parks

BURLINGTON — In a unanimous vote Monday night, city councilors adopted an ordinance that further restricts tobacco use in city parks. The original ordinance aimed to prohibit smoking in all parks, but was referred to the Parks, Arts and Culture Commission for amendment. The new provision bans lighting up in neighborhood parks and along city […]

Burlington weighs further community role in police oversight

A resolution envisioned a task force with members from communities “that don’t have a good relationship with police.” But the council sent it back for revisions after city leaders objected.

Faculty push for stronger statement from UVM president on Trump Muslim ban

The union is urging the UVM administration “to be diligent about protecting our students’ privacy and their personal records, including their immigration status, from external intrusion to the full extent possible according to the law.”

Vermont lawyers urge immigrants to take precautions

Anyone traveling should make sure someone in the U.S. has their flight information so if something goes wrong friends or family can contact a lawyer immediately.

Burlington telecom gears up for sale of city-owned fiber optic system

Lauren-Glenn Davitian, who heads CCTV, suggested the city be offered first right of refusal.

Homeowners get relief from covenant preventing sale to airport

The unanimous vote by the South Burlington City Council came as officials said they continue to seek alternatives to home buyouts for the sake of noise mitigation.

Councilors, community clash over call to halt home buyouts

“If we don’t sell to the airport, who will buy it?” asked one homeowner prior to the council’s vote on a resolution seeking to end the program.

Charlotte covered bridge restoration keeps history alive

“The continuity of having the bridge here is important for our historic past,” said the president of the Charlotte Historical Society. The restoration, funded largely with federal money, was celebrated Sunday.

‘Generator’ offers jumping-off point for creative entrepreneurs

The community workspace has opened at a new location after operating for the past three years in the basement of the Memorial Auditorium in Burlington.

Vermonters rally in opposition to Obamacare repeal

“Our job today is to defend the Affordable Care Act, and our job tomorrow is to create a single-payer system,” Bernie Sanders said through a video feed from a similar rally in Michigan.

UPDATED: Local activist to challenge Burlington city council president

Grill promised to give citizens more say in city redevelopment efforts.

Vermonters protest Trump nominees’ climate change stances

“Here in Vermont I’m not too concerned” about any need to pressure the state’s U.S. senators to oppose nominees, said one protester. “But we are standing in solidarity on what is a global issue.”