YWP: ‘Hide and Seek’

This week’s Young Writers Project entry is “Hide and Seek” by Sophia Cannizzaro, 16, of West Glover.

SCOV Law Blog: Running the discovery clock

In an intellectual property and industrial sabotage case, the defendant sought dismissal of the case on the grounds that in two years the plaintiff had not provided emails the defendant sought in discovery.

YWP: ‘Accidentally Losing My Identity’

This week’s Young Writers Project entry is “Accidentally Losing My Identity” by Fiona Goodman, 13, of Brattleboro.

SCOV Law Blog: When is a landlord liable for damage from a tenant’s animal?

A man who was injured when he drove into a horse that was standing in the road sued the horse’s owner and the landowner whose land the horse escaped from.

Obituary: Matthew Mercer Danziger

Matthew Mercer Danziger Matthew Danziger of Ardmore, Pennsylvania, died June 17, 2016, after a heroic battle with cancer. Matthew was born in Berlin, Vermont, on May 7, 1969, to Jan and Jeff Danziger. He grew up in Plainfield, Vermont, and graduated from Twinfield Union School and the University of Vermont in 1999, majoring in Political […]

About 100 residents protest NewVistas project

Editor’s note: This story by freelancer Nicole Antal was first published on DailyUV.com. About 100 people demonstrated Friday against the NewVista project. Local residents are up in arms about a Mormon engineer’s plan to transform four towns in the Upper Valley into a hub for a proposed sustainable community with 20,000 new residents. David Hall, […]

YWP: ‘Dear Senator Leahy’

This week’s Young Writers Project entry by Ella Staats of Burlington is about the Orlando shootings.

SCOV Law Blog: Sorting out lewd and lascivious statutes

Vermont has two separate chunks of statutes that use the concept of “lewdness.” One is nestled within the prostitution statute. It’s a misdemeanor. The other chunk are felonies.

YWP: ‘Furious’

This week’s Young Writers Project entry is “Furious” by Dan Gregory, 16, of St. Albans.

SCOV Law Blog: The long and short of the Burlington Telecom case

Burlington taxpayers take the city and its chief administration officer to court after the CAO covers an almost $17 million overrun with city general funds.

YWP: ‘Teacher to Student/Student to Teacher-Winning/Losing’

This week’s Young Writers Project entry is “Teacher to Student/Student to Teacher-Winning/Losing” by Alexandra Contreras-Montesano of Burlington.

SCOV Law Blog: ‘CHINS’ from the moment of birth

After a trial court terminates parental rights to a couple’s fifth child, the parents appeal to the Supreme Court.

YWP: ‘Veterans’

This week’s Young Writers Project entry is “Veterans” by Henry Parsons, 12, of Shelburne.

SCOV Law Blog: Challenging the admissibility of a refusal to take a roadside sobriety test

The plaintiff said since she didn’t actually finish the exercise there wasn’t a conclusion that could be drawn from it, so it was irrelevant and prejudicial.