Vermont State Police investigators visit Vernon Town Hall

A detective asked the town clerk for accounts payable warrants presented to the Vernon Select Board in December 2015.

In community meetings, NorthStar makes its pitch

The company’s CEO has been talking with Windham County leaders about plans to clean up Vermont Yankee.

Feds commit to Vermont public meeting on Yankee sale

After receiving multiple requests, Nuclear Regulatory Commission officials have agreed to come and take questions about the Vernon plant’s proposed license transfer.

Windham Southeast seeks state’s help with Act 46 ‘impasse’

The supervisory union’s Act 46 study committee has decided not to push for a controversial merger vote. Instead, it will ask the State Board of Education for advice on how to move forward.

Vermont Yankee sale review attracts a crowd

The state attorney general and Agency of Natural Resources are two of the eight entities that have requested permission to intervene as the Vermont Public Service Board scrutinizes plans to sell the nuclear plant to a New York company.

Vernon school exit again rejected

Dummerston voters on Tuesday reaffirmed their opposition to allowing Vernon to leave a regional school union due to Act 46 concerns. The next move in Windham Southeast Supervisory Union is unclear, though newly introduced legislation could have an impact.

Voters to reconsider Vernon school exit

Vernon officials want to leave the regional school union due to Act 46 concerns, but they were blocked last month by Dummerston voters. A revote is scheduled for Feb. 21.

Shumlin: Vermont better off without nuclear plant

As he leaves office, Gov. Peter Shumlin says the state is successfully moving on from the Vermont Yankee era both in terms of economic development and energy policy. But some don’t see it that way.

Vernon eyes data center for Vermont Yankee property

A large facility housing servers for a technology company might be a good fit for the shutdown nuclear plant site, former Google executive Matt Dunne told the Vernon Planning Commission. Some town officials are optimistic, but many questions remain.

Vernon’s bid to drop out of school district fails

Dummerston voted Tuesday against allowing Vernon to withdraw from a regional school union, setting the stage for more Act 46-related uncertainty.

Windham Southeast preps for critical Act 46 vote

Voters in Brattleboro, Dummerston, Guilford and Putney will decide this month whether to allow Vernon to withdraw from a regional school district, a key part of Act 46 consolidation discussions.

UPDATED: Entergy to sell Vermont Yankee to NorthStar

The New York-based company will start decommissioning in 2021. The sale is subject to state and federal approval.

Vernon strikes deal for school exit

Officials have crafted an agreement to allow Vernon to leave the regional Brattleboro Union High School District. School choice concerns are driving the change.

Vernon eyes Vermont Yankee property

At a recent meeting, Vernon officials and Vermont Yankee administrators discussed how Entergy-owned property might figure into the town’s plans for economic and community development.