Manheimer: Woah! Did I Really Just Elect Vermont’s Next Governor?

Sure. I wish AnyoneButDubie didn’t have to exist. And I wish butterflies would land on my face each morning and wake me with the flutter of their wings.But there needs to be a level playing field, and once Vermont’s Lt. Gov., Brian Dubie, hired Harris Media in Austin, Texas — a communications firm that specializes in attacking Democrats with emotionally charged, incendiary ads — he set the bar pretty low.

Dooley: Biden’s exhortations are an inspiration

According to “Joe,” Democrats in control in Washington means moving forward with the Obama policies of creating jobs, building a future that has as its foundation sustainable energy, reforming the financial system, fine-tuning the health care law, and education reform. If the Republicans win, we are back to the failed policies of George W. Bush, he says.

Rutland Herald, Times Argus endorse Dubie

John Mitchell: “Is it in Vermont’s best interest to grant what is in effect a blank political check to a Democratic governor, with a Democratic Senate and a Democratic House? The danger we run is that the legislative compromises we will end up with will be tilted far to one end of the political spectrum.”