Tim Ashe

With unusual legislative session over, political fallout can begin

Republican see the session as a win; Democrats ‘aren’t spiking the football.’

Scott, lawmakers zero in on pot legalization

House Republican leaders have indicated that they are not likely to accept a rules suspension. If they follow through with that threat, they would effectively kill the bill for this year.

Senate staffer disputes facts of governor’s health care plan

Peter Sterling, aide to the Senate president, says Gov. Phil Scott’s proposal for statewide negotiations could cost teachers more. The Vermont School Boards Association says that’s not necessarily the case.

Burlington School Board wades into health benefits debate

The board came out against the idea — put forward by some legislators near the end of the session — to force budget cuts if districts didn’t reach a certain outcome in negotiations with teachers.

UPDATED: Scott’s fiscal veto message rejected as inadequate

The House clerk said the budget and property tax bill vetoes needed to come in separate letters. Scott’s spokesperson called the rejection “hyper-political.” The clerk’s office later accepted resubmitted versions.

Smith: The political big one

The worst thing for a party, even one as strong as the Vermont Democrats, is to have working families and small businesses feel they are taking a back seat to a special interest group.

Vermont Legislature 2017: How a sleepy session turned stormy

Lawmakers, lobbyists and the media were complaining the session was boring until Gov. Scott rolled out his proposal to negotiate with teachers statewide over health care benefits.

Legislative leaders criticize Gov. Scott’s promised veto

The leaders of the Vermont House and Senate said they have directed their caucuses to get some rest. Meanwhile, the governor sought to assure Vermonters that he would not allow a government shutdown.

UPDATED: Legislative leaders say they’ve reached an impasse

Top Democrats say the House and Senate will move ahead with remaining legislation even without the governor’s support and adjourn as early as the end of the week.

Speaker introduces new teacher health insurance plan into end-of-session mix

Mitzi Johnson says her plan would address concerns about teacher benefits that are holding up adjournment. The Senate president wouldn’t comment, while unions rejected it.

House due back Wednesday, Senate TBD

Ahead of lawmakers’ return for an unbudgeted 19th week of this session, progress is slow.

Ashe plan reduces school spending by $13 million

If school districts fail to find savings in health insurance costs, they would have to cut budgets — without hurting direct instructional programs.

With no compromise in sight, Legislature to meet again next week

Lawmakers were unable to reach a deal with Gov. Phil Scott and will return to Montpelier next week to try and complete their work for this year’s legislative session.

Scott, Democrats edge closer to veto showdown

Legislative leaders united behind a new proposal on teacher health care savings while making plans to adjourn even if there’s no break in their impasse with the governor.