Tim Ashe

Lawmakers gear up for $15 an hour minimum wage push

The Joint Financial Office, the Legislature’s financial research arm, will release a study next month on the effect of a $15 minimum wage on the state’s economy and what’s known as the “benefits cliff.”

Senators seek $30.2 million to increase pay for mental health workers

The bill passed the Senate Health and Welfare Committee unanimously Friday and now heads to the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Senate endorses open meetings for OneCare

he Vermont Senate has endorsed S.4, the bill that would require the board of directors for the state’s largest health care organization to hold open meetings. Senators gave preliminary approval to the bill unanimously on Thursday in a voice vote. The Senate is on track to pass the bill Friday. S.4 affects accountable care organizations, […]

Ashe readies for special session in response to Trump cuts

He has asked senators to pencil in time in October. That would be shortly after the federal budget goes into effect, possibly with major cuts in funding for Vermont.

Top lawmakers back workers’ comp coverage for mental health

H.197 would also make it easier for first responders to get treatment specifically for post-traumatic stress disorder.

Inside the Golden Bubble: Battle lines drawn over budget

Scott’s education proposal is a problem for Democrats who for years have resisted significant changes in education funding for fear of running afoul of local control and the powerful teachers union.

Senate acts to ease psychiatric backlog in emergency rooms

It passed a bill that’s expected to help. And Senate President Tim Ashe says he has asked the Human Services Agency for a plan to do more.

Zuckerman: Legislature must act quickly to block implementation of Trump deportation rules

The lieutenant governor says legislation now in the Senate must pass quickly in order to prevent the federal government from deputizing local police for sweeps of undocumented workers.

Amazon.com to collect Vermont sales tax

Political and business leaders said the decision puts the online retail giant and small businesses on a level playing field.

Ashe argues for starting with ‘achievable’ ethics commission

The Senate president said it made more sense to set up a smaller system than what Secretary of State Jim Condos proposed, then expand its scope if needed.

Environmental legislative preview: Lake cleanup and carbon tax

Leaders say they’ll pursue reduction of phosphorus pollution in Lake Champlain even though the state doesn’t know how much the Trump administration may help.

Ashe lays out where he plans to focus his influence

Expanding background checks for gun sales isn’t one of those areas, he says, unless it turns out to have majority support, particularly in committee.

Margolis: Scott stuck in an unenviable middle

Scott’s plans are likely to be complicated by the decisions of President Trump, the Republican Congress and by two new leaders in the Legislature, Sen. Pro Tem Tim Ashe and House Speaker Mitzi Johnson.

Cummings to chair Senate Finance

Sen. Philip Baruth was named chair of the Senate Education Committee. All of the other chairs stayed the same.