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Burlington School Board, union still far apart on new contract

The district says it’s offering a 3.75 percent pay increase over two years, versus a one-year 5.28 percent increase sought by the union. A mediator will suggest a resolution.

Lots of talk, no ‘real progress’ on teacher health care deal

“We’re going to have to get creative in order to do it. I think they can,” Scott said on a day of meetings about the issue that’s blocking adjournment.

New teacher contracts illustrate challenge of saving

Four of the eight agreements include the premium sharing the governor says the state can achieve. Legislative analysts say other assumptions would have to hold true for his plan to work.

Peter Langella: Scott is driving the wrong conversation

Gov. Scott may be skilled on the race track at Thunder Road but he is proving less adept behind the wheel of the state’s conversation on teacher contracts, health care and tax policy.

Scott predicts $26M savings from statewide teacher health plan

His proposal “goes hand in hand” with the budget bill, he said, although Senate leaders responded that the idea came too late.

No deal in latest Burlington school talks, but new round set

“I’m optimistic that the parties can reach an agreement,” said a mediator who presided over a negotiating session last week.

Burlington Student Wins National Reporting Award

News Release — Journalism Education Association April 3, 2017 Contact: Kenson Siver JEA Impact Award Chairman [email protected] 248-569-4286 Teen provides complete coverage, updates on contentious contract talks between Burlington Board of Education and teachers union In the fall of 2016, heated contract talks stretched on for weeks between the Burlington (VT) Board of education and […]

Burlington Education Association and Burlington Board of School Commissioners to Meet with Mediator

News Release — Burlington Education Association April 12, 2017 Contact: BEA President Fran Brock 802.825-7402 [email protected] BEA Seeks Settlement That Puts Students First Burlington, VT The Burlington Education Association and Burlington Board of School Commissioners will meet with a mediator on Tuesday, April 11 in an effort to reach a fair and respectful contract. The […]

South Burlington School Board Statement on Teacher Contract Negotiations

News Release — South Burlington School District April 3, 2017 Contact: [email protected] South Burlington – South Burlington School District School Board issued the following statement today: After nine meetings over four months without significant progress toward a contract, the South Burlington School Board declared impasse on March 17th in its negotiations with the South Burlington […]

Norwich teacher contract talks go to mediation

Health care and pay increases remain unresolved as the school board aims to craft a budget that voters will approve and teachers argue the area has a high cost of living.

Norwich, Hartford school board officials want to share contract negotiation strategies

“We want to try to rebalance the power structure right now that is, we feel, very much in favor of the union,” Norwich School Board Chairman Neil Odell said. Critics say public officials should not meet behind closed doors.