SPEED program

Administration prepared to scrap SPEED program

The Department of Public Service says a system such as a renewable portfolio standard would better meet the state’s energy goals than the current voluntary system.

Vermont utilities could lose millions of dollars in energy credits

The Vermont Legislature looks to set a renewable portfolio standard that would establish by law how much electricity generated from wind, solar and other renewable resources utilities must sell to customers.

Group calls on FTC to review GMP’s renewable energy claims

Selling its power as renewable on the retail market should preclude Green Mountain Power from selling renewable energy credits to other producers. To do both is deceptive, they say. GMP says its marketing is accurate.

Willem Post: Vermont’s SPEED program too costly

Vermont is quickly headed towards greatly increased costs of the SPEED program for projects 2.2 MW or less.

Willem Post: Renewable energy goals must be balanced with economic realities

At some point, clear-headed thinking must prevail, budgets must be cut, taxes must be reduced, wasteful programs eliminated, or else Vermont’s hollowed-out, private, tax-paying economy will continue on its near-zero-growth path, less and less able to scrape up enough money to pay for the rapidly increasing expenditures of the growing, money-guzzling government sector.