Sandra Levine

Sandra Levine: A climate solution that reflects the interests of Vermonters

It is time for public policy to match and foster the commitment of businesses and individuals.

Sandra Levine: Next steps for climate action

Now is not the time to rest on Vermont’s past success or take a pause in our commitment to tackle climate change. Our actions need to match our resolve.

Sandra Levine: Cleaning up Vermont Yankee

In approving any transfer, regulators must be certain that the new owner is up to the task and that effective oversight is in place for the work being done.

Sandra Levine: Want affordability? Go green

Hats off to Gov. Scott for using his first public appearance to stand up for Vermont’s ambitious but achievable goal of using 90 percent renewable energy by 2050.

Sandra Levine: Climate action now

When action is thwarted at the federal level, our regional, state, municipal and business efforts have room to succeed.

Sandra Levine: Pollution vs. bold climate action

When it comes to climate change, the upcoming election poses stark contrasts that pit pollution against bold climate action.

Public Service Board to consider re-evaluation of Vermont Gas pipeline permit

Whether an increase in the project’s cost constitutes a “significant change” is key.

Sandra Levine: Kicking the fossil fuel habit

Like Volkswagen, MobilExxon profited from their deceit. They knew the real risks of global warming long ago.

Sandra Levine: Clean energy powerhouse

Recognition of Vermont’s advances on clean energy provide a good model for future work and for other states.

Sandra Levine: Weather woes, climate innovation

In testimony it heard over two weeks, the House Committee on Natural Resources and Energy saw the breadth and depth of support for taking bold action to tackle carbon pollution in Vermont.

Sandra Levine: Local action, global impact

Solving global climate problems demands that we each do our part.

Sandra Levine: Climate talks, climate action

During the past weeks, the COP21 talks in Paris put climate change front and center.

Sandra Levine: The low cost of renewable power

As more and more renewable power becomes available the cost of electricity goes down for everyone.

Sandra Levine: Quiet and hardworking — energy efficiency

It is troubling that energy efficiency has been caught in a political buzz saw this year.