Public Service Board

Chris McKay: Sound regulations restricting wind power

Legislators must see that unreasonable sound levels and arbitrary setback restrictions in the proposed rule will prevent the use of wind technology in our state.

Lawmakers told: Board’s rules on wind sound too tough, not tough enough

The long-running debate over sound from wind turbines got a hearing Thursday before a legislative committee reviewing changes to sound limits sought by the Public Service Board.

Sandy Wilbur: PSB wind turbine rules are sensible

Our most precious Vermont resources are not intermittent wind, but the mountains of Vermont.

Nils Behn: The lopsided treatment of wind power

Wind energy has been politicized, with erroneous claims and fear mongering taking the place of fact based science.

Gregory Dennis: Wind energy unites enviros and farmers

We can’t get to broad use of green energy unless wind is part of the mix.

Donald De Voil: Making sound energy choices

A decision affecting the future of wind power in Vermont needs to compare the impacts of wind with those of other forms of energy production.

Tad Montgomery: Killing the wind

Setting the lowest wind power sound limit in the nation and an arbitrary setback distance is going to make it nearly impossible to site a wind project in Vermont.

Solar developer appealing PSB decision on Bennington project to Supreme Court

(This story by Ed Damon was published in the Bennington Banner on May 16, 2017.) ENNINGTON — The developer behind a proposed solar facility that had a state permit and a series of motions denied by state utility regulators is appealing those decisions to the Vermont Supreme Court. The 2.0 megawatt Chelsea Solar project is […]

Public brings its hopes and fears to hearing on turbine noise

Some say tougher standards are necessary to protect health and even lives, while wind supporters say the concerns are unfounded and the proposed limits would kill the industry.

Juliet Cuming: Renewable energy proud

If Vermont is to continue to lead the nation in forward thinking, and if we truly want to be energy independent, we need the mixture of energy technology that wind and solar provide.

Naomi Bindman: Wind needs to be part of energy mix

The proposed limits are unreasonably restrictive, and if enacted, would serve as a virtual ban on the future development of wind power in our state.

Coalition wants state to reject parts of Vermont Yankee plan

The New England Coalition claims the proposed buyer of the Vernon nuclear plant is trying to renege on previous orders issued by the state Public Service Board.

Marie Audet: Farming for the future

The PSB proposal is unrealistic, and creates needless barriers to small farm-scale wind turbine opportunities.

Annette Smith: Righting the wrongs of wind power

The Vermont Public Service Board should establish standards that reflect the promises that wind developers have made.