nuclear waste

Vermont Yankee cleanup partner stops work on nuclear dump

Waste Control Specialists says it faces too many financial hurdles to pursue a high-level waste facility in Texas. But that doesn’t have to jeopardize the proposal for cleaning up Vermont Yankee.

Vermont Yankee gets $143 million fuel storage project in gear

The work to build and fill a new facility for the Vernon plant’s spent nuclear fuel is “on schedule and on budget,” an Entergy administrator said.

Yankee owner cleared to put more casks of spent fuel on site

The Public Service Board said a second spent fuel pad won’t hurt the environment and will promote the state’s general good by hastening the transfer of spent nuclear fuel from the pools in which it now sits.

Anti-nuke group makes last stand in Vermont Yankee fuel case

The New England Coalition is asking the state Public Service Board to reconsider its dismissal of the coalition’s objections to storage plans for spent fuel at Vermont Yankee.

Vermont Yankee decommissioning on track, says new director

Jack Boyle holds what’s now the shut-down nuclear plant’s top administrative job. He said the cleanup project, while still in its early stages, is on schedule and under budget.

Vermont has voice in national nuclear waste debate

As the federal government seeks a strategy for finding waste storage sites, regional advocates say Vernon and Vermont should play a key role in that discussion due to the large inventory of spent fuel stashed at Vermont Yankee.

Leahy: New effort for nuclear waste site offers no quick solution

U.S. Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., says a recent federal spending bill did not include any money for a pilot nuclear waste storage facility. But the U.S. Department of Energy has begun creating a process aimed at finding a location for a storage facility.

Vermont joins appeal of spent fuel storage decision

State joins New York and Connecticut in challenging NRC decision on long-term, on-site storage of nuclear waste.

Federal ruling could give state officials basis for denying Entergy license to operate Vermont Yankee

Vermont Attorney General Bill Sorrell said the decision underscores the federal government’s lack of planning for a comprehensive solution to the waste created by nuclear power plants.

Presidential commission holds public meeting on high-level nuclear waste disposal

The federally chartered Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future will host the second of five public meetings on nuclear waste management in Boston Oct. 12.