Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Nuclear regulators to appear in Brattleboro next week

NRC members will hold sessions with the public and the Vermont Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens Advisory Panel regarding NorthStar Group Services’ plan for Vermont Yankee.

Vermont Yankee water plan poses ‘minimal’ risks, feds say

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission says a plan to send 200,000 gallons of Vermont Yankee’s radioactive wastewater to Idaho will not have significant environmental impacts. Entergy wants to use the facility as a backup disposal site.

Tribe wants say in Vermont Yankee sale

The Elnu Abenaki Tribe, saying the area sits on “culturally significant homelands,” filed to intervene in a state review of the nuclear plant’s proposed purchase.

Feds commit to Vermont public meeting on Yankee sale

After receiving multiple requests, Nuclear Regulatory Commission officials have agreed to come and take questions about the Vernon plant’s proposed license transfer.

State schedules Vermont Yankee sale hearing

VERNON – State officials have set a date for the first public hearing on the proposed sale of Vermont Yankee. The Public Service Board’s hearing is scheduled for 7 p.m. March 14 at Vernon Elementary School, 381 Governor Hunt Road in Vernon. The hearing will be preceded at 6 p.m. by a public informational session […]

Federal application filed for Vermont Yankee sale

In more than 200 pages, NorthStar Group Services Inc. lays out its argument for buying the Vernon plant from Entergy. The company wants an NRC ruling by year’s end.

Feds start review of Vermont Yankee sale

A public meeting will be held at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission headquarters in Rockville, Maryland. The agency has no plans to hold a meeting in Vermont.

Feds sue proposed Vermont Yankee disposal company

Waste Control Specialists is a defendant in a Justice Department antitrust lawsuit filed this week. It’s not clear how that might affect the accelerated cleanup of the Vernon nuclear plant.

Illinois plant may be model for Vermont Yankee cleanup

An accelerated, outsourced decommissioning job at the former Zion nuclear plant provides some insight into how Entergy is hoping to speed cleanup by selling Vermont Yankee.

State strikes out in Vermont Yankee trust fund fight

The federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission has ruled against Vermont officials’ objections to Entergy’s use of Vermont Yankee’s decommissioning trust fund.

Feds endorse Vermont Yankee fuel, waste handling

The latest Nuclear Regulatory Commission inspection of the shut-down Vernon plant found no problems with waste handling, environmental tests and maintenance of the spent fuel pool.

Vermont Yankee’s plan to send tainted water into river ‘on hold’

A spokesman says a water intrusion problem at the shut-down nuclear plant has abated. That means Entergy is not pursuing a proposal to send water into the Connecticut River that is contaminated with low levels of radiation.

Crea Lintilhac: Rethinking energy policy and nuclear safety

As aging and dangerous nuclear power plants close, we must demand prompt and safe decommissioning including the expedited transfer of spent fuel to dry cask storage.

Industry group disputes Vermont’s fears about decommissioning

A senior director with the Washington, D.C.-based Nuclear Energy Institute says it is impossible for a plant owner to leave a decommissioning project like Vermont Yankee unfinished. The institute opposes adding more financial assurance or public input to the process.