Matt Cota

Matt Cota: The cleaner, greener home heating oil

On July 1, 2014, the Clean and Green Oilheat Initiative went into effect.

Advocacy groups launch campaign for a carbon tax

A broad coalition of advocacy groups will lobby for a tax on carbon emissions in the upcoming legislative session. The tax would raise the price of gasoline and other fossil fuels, but most of the revenue would be offset by tax cuts and assistance to low-income Vermonters.

State reaffirms support for Vermont Gas pipeline

State officials say the pipeline does not need to be re-evaluated, in spite of a significant increase in estimated cost. Opponents of the pipeline have called for a reopening of the case by the Public Service Board.

Factors that contributed to last year’s propane price volatility remain

Spikes in prices like those experienced last winter are not expected, but many of the conditions that contributed to the high cost still exist.

State announces $770,000 for energy efficiency upgrades

Program helps finance energy efficiency and home heating retrofits for homeowners whose fuel dealers partner with Efficiency Vermont.

Lower-sulfur heating oil now required in Vermont

Stricter limits on the amount of sulfur in heating fuels went into effect Tuesday. The new limits will reduce the environmental impacts of haze-causing sulfur dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. State officials say haze can cause cardiovascular and respiratory health problems and damage the environment. Several Northeastern states want to curb air pollution by transitioning […]

Delegation calls for halt in propane exports in response to rising prices

Vermont’s congressional delegation is calling on the Obama administration to temporarily curb propane exports to drive down record high prices caused by domestic shortages. “We urge you to act quickly to temporarily restrict propane exports to increase the domestic supply of propane, which will help reduce the financial burden on poor and middle-class families across […]

Vermont propane prices spike

A wet fall has led to shortages and a sharp rise in prices, Vermont fuel dealers say, but no one should be left in the cold.

Fuel dealers, Efficiency Vermont combine to tighten homes

Trained fuel dealers participating in the Efficiency Excellence Network will serve as liaisons between homeowners and energy efficiency contractors.

Vermont Fuel Dealers Association disputes wisdom of banking on natural gas

Cota said the plan amplifies advantages that Vermont Gas Systems, the state’s only natural gas distribution company, already has over local fuel providers.

Brouhaha over Pyrofax fees spurs new legislation to regulate propane industry

Lawmakers in the House of Representatives have introduced legislation that would change the way propane is regulated and sold in Vermont.

Cota: The phantom fed tax

Editor’s note: This op-ed is by Matt Cota, the executive director of the Vermont Fuel Dealers Association More Vermont households than ever before will be receiving home heating assistance and food stamps this year. Unemployment remains high as companies across Vermont are forced to cut expenses to stay in business. Yet during this economic downturn, […]