Kurt Wright

House panel passes scaled-back version of paid family leave

The new bill would provide six weeks of parental or family leave — not disability leave — and be funded through a 0.141 percent payroll tax on workers’ first $150,000 of wages.

Lawmakers seek to bar ‘nuclear option’ in teacher talks

A bill would prohibit strikes while telling school boards they cannot impose contracts.

House scuttles Scott’s plan for May school budget vote

Scott has presented no Plan B to fix the gap in the general fund and has told lawmakers that if they bring him a budget that increases taxes or fees, or cuts frontline workers, he will veto it.

Burlington School District passes $74M budget, seeks bonding measure

The property tax rate increase will be 5.25 percent if voters approve the budget. The median home owner would pay an additional $210 per year.

Tim Ashe: The pragmatic Progressive takes Senate helm

Insiders say Ashe may become the bridge between a Republican governor, a Progressive, Democratic lieutenant governor and a Democratic majority Legislature.

Burlington House candidate called for Obama to be hanged in Tweet

The Tweet is one of a handful from Michael McGarghan that denounce the president, promote conspiracy theories or contain anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant rhetoric.

Can Vermont help the vanishing elephant?

Supporters of a ban on ivory sales in Vermont say it could help end the poaching of elephants in Africa. Critics say the bill goes too far.

State Republicans cringe at Trump, but stop short of disavowing him

Trump’s name on the top of the ballot could increase turnout in November. The Republican primary turnout Tuesday brought out roughly 20,000 more Republican voters than the 2008 election.

House Republicans want to ban legislative PACs from fundraising during session

A Democratic political action committee held a fundraiser Wednesday night and Republican Reps. Kurt Wright and Patti Komline say it’s inappropriate to raise money from PACs while the Legislature is convened.

Deeper Republican caucus charts course for 2015 session

GOP leaders to focus on education funding, health care, job creation, lake cleanup and affordability.

Campaign for Vermont, GOP lawmakers join call for Gruber’s termination

Critics of the governor’s health care reform plans seized on the impolitic remarks of MIT economist Jonathan Gruber on Monday, urging the Shumlin administration to terminate his contract with the state. The policy advocacy group Campaign for Vermont has started a petition demanding that Gruber’s $400,000 economic modeling contract for the state’s planned single-payer program […]

Vision to Action Vermont endorses Kurt Wright and Michael Ly for Vermont House

Vision to Action Vermont is pleased to announce its endorsement of incumbent Rep. Kurt Wright and candidate Michael Ly for the Vermont House of Representatives.

Proposal would make state pay for unfunded education mandates

The Vermont House has given an initial OK to a provision that would pay the cost of any new unfunded education mandates out of the state’s General Fund. Reps. Patti Komline, R-Dorset, and Kurt Wright, R-Burlington, proposed the amendment to the teachers’ retirement health care plan Wednesday. The provision requires the Joint Fiscal Office to […]

Wright’s campaign finance legislation would increase filings, require donor disclosures

Super PACs would have to file an additional report within 24 hours if they receive a donation within 45 days of a primary or general election.