Inside the Golden Bubble

Inside the Golden Bubble: Shumlin’s Legislative ‘Nothing Burgers’

Lawmakers said the governor’s close election, dropping single payer and lame duck status made it more difficult for him to achieve his agenda.

Inside the Golden Bubble: The Fallout and Future after the EB-5 Bombshell

A legislative committee grapples with what went wrong and how to move forward after two Northeast Kingdom developers are accused of fraud.

Inside the Golden Bubble: The Pot Bill on Life Support

A bill limps out of House Judiciary that is a far cry from the Senate’s legalization plan. Gov. Shumlin is confident a compromise will emerge.

Senate President Campbell is not running for re-election

The Senate President Pro Tempore said he will be leaving politics to run the Department of State’s Attorneys and Sheriffs after the legislative session is over.

Inside the Golden Bubble: Monitoring the sound of frustration

A Northeast Kingdom senator has a bone to pick with colleagues after the way the renewable energy vote played out Thursday.

Inside the Golden Bubble: Lawmakers face The Ethical Challenge

Concerns that lawmakers would have to disclose their sources of income of $10,000 or more could scuttle attempts to form a State Ethics Commission.

Inside the Golden Bubble: Poirier on 1988 race against Sanders, Smith

Bernie Sanders finished a close second to Republican Peter Smith in the 1988 U.S. House of Representatives race. Poirier finished a distant third.

Inside the Golden Bubble: Seeking Win-Win When You’re Stuck…In the Mud

The governor and the treasurer are both happy with the resolution of the divestment dispute; Norm McAllister’s request for reconsideration of his Senate suspension is going nowhere. And so was Speaker Shap Smith momentarily this week, like many, stuck in the mud.

Inside the Golden Bubble: Unusual alliances and motives help pot bill pass

A Republican senator breaks ranks and a Democrat goes against her party almost killing the marijuana legalization bill.

Inside the Golden Bubble: Police and the Politics of Pot

The governor calls his public safety commissioner and head of the state police on the carpet as lawmakers consider legislation to legalize marijuana.

Inside the Golden Bubble: Swing votes, Sanders and Gov. Shap?

Sen. Dick Sears casts a key swing vote in the sick leave bill. Gov. Shumlin and Rep. Anne Donahue sharply disagree on forced psychiatric drugs. Speaker Shap says “we’ll see what happens” on whether he’ll re-enter the race for governor.

Inside the Golden Bubble: Pot and Pupils

House Speaker Shap Smith: “I find it amusing that people forget every year there is an unusually messy decision-making process called democracy. And it’s all about give and take. And sometimes it just takes a while to get it done.” PODCAST

VIDEO Inside the Golden Bubble with Mark Johnson: Pot, education funding, Trump and Sanders

Speaker Shap Smith, Rep. Patti Komline and Rep Chris Pearson discuss key legislative issues.