Education Agency wins tug-of-war over control of licensing

Legislation would have moved all licensing of speech therapists to the Office of Professional Regulation. And the agency won’t be subject to a study of whether it should continue to license educators at all.

Lakeshore development law takes effect Tuesday

A permit is required for certain activities within a protected area of the shoreline, such as expanding existing buildings, driveways, lawns, and the overall impervious footprint of shoreline properties.

House accepts conference committee deal on shorelands protection

The House on Monday passed a bill to put in place new statewide shoreland development standards for Vermont’s lakes and large ponds. The House voted 93-42 in favor of H.526 as amended by a conference committee. The bill requires the Agency of Natural Resources to approve new building projects that come within 250 feet of […]

Conference committee version of shorelands protection bill passes Senate

The Senate gave final approval Wednesday to a bill requiring a permit to build along Vermont’s shorelines. Vermont has no statewide standards for development along the shorelines of its lakes and ponds. According to a 2013 report on Vermont’s lakes, there is less natural shoreline vegetation in Vermont than the national average. More on shorelands […]

House and Senate reach agreement on shorelands protection standards

“It will abate people from just clear-cutting and not paying attention to runoff that goes into the lake,” said Rep. Bob Krebs, D-South Hero.

Senate backs lakeshore development bill

There are no statewide standards for shoreland development in Vermont. According to a 2013 report on Vermont’s lakes, the state’s natural shoreline vegetation is less than the national average.

Shoreland protection bill emerges from Senate committee

The Senate Natural Resources and Energy Committee unanimously approved a bill Friday to require a permit for certain development around lakes and ponds of greater than 10 acres.

Elizabeth Humstone: Lakeshore protections necessary step for Vermont

The quality of Vermont’s lakes is becoming degraded, and poor shoreland development is one significant cause. But now we have an opportunity to slow, and even reverse, this trend with a bill pending in the Legislature.

Senate looks at revisions to shoreline protection bill

The bill, which applies only to lakes larger than 10 acres in size, creates a protected zone extending up to 250 feet from the shoreline under certain conditions.

Shoreland protection debate draws emotional response

Bill requiring a permit to build within 250 feet of any shoreline has landowners concerned about property rights.

Crowd in Newport presses state officials on lakeshore regulations

Questions focus on permit requirement at first public hearing on new lakeshore protection act.

Hoerr: Shoreline development bill misguided

Tons of sediment is pouring into the lake from the Winooski, Mississquoi and other rivers from snowmelt and rain runoff, carrying with it the majority of phosphorous that causes blue green and other algae blooms.

Lakeshore building regulation bill stalls in Senate

Sen. Dick Mazza, D-Chittenden-Grand Isle, struck a deal with the Senate leadership and Sen. Bob-Hartwell, D-Bennington, chair of the Natural Resources and Energy Committee, that will put H.526 on hold until next January.

Water protection, property rights debated; lakeshore development bill gets passed by Vermont House

The law requires lakefront property owners to obtain a permit from the Agency of Natural Resources for construction occurring within 250 feet of a lakeshore.