Vermont Legislature 2017: How a sleepy session turned stormy

Lawmakers, lobbyists and the media were complaining the session was boring until Gov. Scott rolled out his proposal to negotiate with teachers statewide over health care benefits.

Legislative leaders criticize Gov. Scott’s promised veto

The leaders of the Vermont House and Senate said they have directed their caucuses to get some rest. Meanwhile, the governor sought to assure Vermonters that he would not allow a government shutdown.

Legislature adjourns facing budget veto by Gov. Scott

Lawmakers left Montpelier without reaching a resolution with the governor over his proposal to change teachers’ health care benefits negotiations. Lawmakers set aside time in late June to return to Montpelier for a special Legislative session.

Democrats link Scott’s housing priorities to budget enactment

If Scott vetoes the budget, he will be both vetoing his own housing bond and delaying the effective date of his proposed housing tax credits.

Senate OKs budget on unanimous vote

The budget sets aside $9.8 million to boost salaries for workers in local mental health care agencies and gives $4 million to the state colleges, which are in “dire financial straits.”

Senate budget package looks to teachers’ retirement

The budget passed by the Senate Appropriations Committee includes increases for state colleges, childcare and more.

House signs off on state budget, with small tweaks

Support was overwhelming for the $5.8 billion spending plan. Proposed amendments would have funded new investments in child care, job training and more, but most didn’t go anywhere.

House approves $5.8 billion budget in near-unanimous vote

The fiscal plan does not raise any new taxes or fees. Democrats said it was crafted with expected federal cuts in mind, while Republicans credited the governor’s leadership.

UPDATED: House panel unanimously backs budget proposal

Four Republicans on the House panel support the budget proposal, even though it rejects GOP Gov. Phil Scott’s plan to tap money from the Education Fund.

Vermont House budget writers close gap

Lawmakers found savings across state government from a variety of projected efficiencies, including $2.5 million in cuts to the Agency of Human Services grant program, which distributes more than $100 million a year to 1,200 nonprofits around the state.

House committee further whittles down budget gap

The biggest bite comes in the form of a $5 million revenue package. Lawmakers say the package is not raising new revenue but increasing compliance with existing tax law.

House seeks governor’s help on budget as administration puts gag on agency heads

The public appeal came hours after the administration circulated a memo asking department and agency heads not to work with the Legislature on budget cuts.

House budget panel narrows spending gap to $18 million

While the budget panel scrapped Scott’s education proposal, lawmakers have accepted many of the line item changes from the governor’s office.

Scott says his budget honors Medicaid forecast

He called his plan to set aside $10 million of the projected cost “a different way of accounting” that gives the state flexibility.