Gaz Metro

Julie Macuga: Braving the CEOs for the warblers

At 4:50 a.m., I was on a Greyhound to Montreal on the way to the annual meeting of shareholders for Valener, an investment firm that owns 29 percent of Gaz Metro, which in turn owns Vermont Gas.

Region told pipeline squeeze may push up power prices

Energy leaders meeting in Boston last week said the New England states need to make it easier to build infrastructure to bring in more natural gas and get more renewable power from Canada if they want to control prices and meet green energy goals.

Ross Conrad: Fossil fuels not Vermont’s solution

Steve Wark’s recent purported “simple but powerful formula,” “Phase I + Phase II = Rutland,” is not a formula at all.

Melanie Peyser: Cut losses on the pipeline

With the PSB deciding this week whether to reconsider the costs and benefits of the project, time is running out for Vermonters to digest the disastrous details of escalating costs and imaginary benefits of moving forward with the project.

Two arrested at Vermont Gas pipeline project

Two members of the group Rising Tide Vermont were arrested Tuesday after locking their necks together in an attempt to stop work on a natural gas pipeline project in Williston.

Christopher Bray: Pipeline Phase 2 comes at too high a constitutional price

Whose interests should predominate? Those of private landowners unwilling to sell easements that would enable the pipeline to cross their properties? Or is there a “public use” for which there is a “necessity,” and the sale of easements should be forced upon these landowners?

Rebecca Foster: A whole lot of mooching

A Canadian company and a Tennessee company desire to increase their profits, but at what cost, to whom?

Rebecca Foster: Taking care or breaking bad

After a history of environmental stewardship, Canada has gone increasingly mad for oil and gas exploitation.

Energy 2012 recap: State approves Gaz Metro merger of Vermont’s two largest utilities

Gobbling up the lion’s share of the state’s electric market did not come without a fair share of clamor.

Vermont Gas aims to lay gas line under Lake Champlain

The line would end just south of Middlebury and branch off west to serve International Paper in Ticonderoga, N.Y.

Vermont Energy Partnership report says state faces 31.4 percent “gap” between power demand and guaranteed electricity

Utilities typically leave a percentage of their portfolios open in order to get the best current prices on the market.

Gaz Metro seals the deal: GMP and CVPS merge

According to its statement, with the Vermont utilities, Gaz Metro’s assets are now valued at close to $5 billion.

McClaughry: More taxation by unaccountable strangers

Time was, not long ago, when the PSB passed expert judgment on utility-structuring and power-purchase agreements solely on the least cost for bringing electricity to Vermont’s consumers.

Digger Tidbits: VELCO bond sale to pay for transmission upgrades; Poll shows Vermonters divided on Yankee, support $21 million cash payback to CVPS ratepayers

VELCO uses a 50/50 debt-to-equity ratio to fund projects. The $120 million bond will allow for $240 million in upgrades.