Vermont Yankee buyer seeks ‘reasonable’ deal with state

Though his company faces increasing skepticism, NorthStar Group Services CEO Scott State says it is still committed to purchasing and decommissioning the shut-down Vernon nuclear plant.

State sees ‘significant risk’ in Vermont Yankee sale

If the buyer runs out of money to decommission the plant, “this would place public health, safety and the environment at risk,” according to the Public Service Department and the attorney general’s office.

Trespass charge dropped against Vermont Yankee activist

Clay Turnbull says he wasn’t doing anything wrong. “If I was trying to pull one over on them, would I have brought my Chihuahua-corgi with me to run around chasing mice?” he says.

Vermont Yankee offers safety assurances as fuel move starts

A spokesman said experience, training, equipment and oversight will allow for the safe transfer of the plant’s spent fuel into more secure storage by the end of next year.

Brad Ferland: NDCAP conducted an extraordinary meeting

The NDCAP should be commended for inviting the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, NorthStar and Entergy to hear Vermonters’ concerns and support for NorthStar’s plan to decommission Vermont Yankee, and answer questions directly.

Companies defend Vermont Yankee sale review process

Entergy and NorthStar Group Services want the Vermont Public Service Board to dismiss an anti-nuclear group’s objections regarding the plant’s proposed sale.

Entergy wants to shrink Vermont Yankee security zone

The change would downsize the Vernon nuclear plant’s protected area from 10.5 acres to 1.3 acres and save at least $1.2 million a month, Entergy says. Federal and state regulators are reviewing the request.

Vermont Yankee fuel move into more-secure storage is delayed

Transfer of the plant’s radioactive spent fuel into casks did not begin in April, as had been planned. The move is critical to the plant’s eventual sale.

Robert Oeser: NorthStar’s ‘rubblization’ plan raises questions

Recent articles on NorthStar’s bid to take over decommissioning of the Entergy Vermont Yankee site have raised some questions for me.

Nuclear regulators to appear in Brattleboro next week

NRC members will hold sessions with the public and the Vermont Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens Advisory Panel regarding NorthStar Group Services’ plan for Vermont Yankee.

Yankee suitor: Public shouldn’t see ‘highly confidential’ plans

NorthStar Group Services is asking for unusual protections for two documents related to decommissioning. But some people are raising concerns about transparency.

Vermont Yankee money fuels clean energy projects

More than $358,000 in grants will go toward renewable energy. The new program is funded by money Entergy has paid into the state’s Clean Energy Development Fund.

Coalition wants state to reject parts of Vermont Yankee plan

The New England Coalition claims the proposed buyer of the Vernon nuclear plant is trying to renege on previous orders issued by the state Public Service Board.

Company’s departure spurs changes in grant program

State officials want to make it easier to recoup Windham County Economic Development Program money that’s been paid to a company that later decides to leave or close its doors.