Vermont gets $4.2 million in Volkswagen settlement

The payment is in response to claims the company broke the law by selling vehicles with too-high emissions. Vermont already gets $17.8 million from an environmental fund.

Spending plan for $18M in Volkswagen money stalls out

Legislation calls for spending the money in part to boost electric vehicles, but the bill failed to emerge from committee in time.

Matt Cota: The cleaner, greener home heating oil

On July 1, 2014, the Clean and Green Oilheat Initiative went into effect.

Lower-sulfur heating oil now required in Vermont

Stricter limits on the amount of sulfur in heating fuels went into effect Tuesday. The new limits will reduce the environmental impacts of haze-causing sulfur dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. State officials say haze can cause cardiovascular and respiratory health problems and damage the environment. Several Northeastern states want to curb air pollution by transitioning […]

Sanders lauds new EPA power plant rule

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) today praised the Environmental Protection Agency for forcing coal- and oil-fired power plants to reduce emissions.

Gov. Shumlin to push for carbon cap at meeting of New England and Canadian leaders

The Governor said he will urge his counterparts in the New England states to join him in asking the federal Environmental Protection Agency to recognize the success of RGGI, design any national greenhouse gas regulations consistent with its innovative approach, and allow state participation in RGGI to serve as an alternative method to meet any new federal regulatory requirements.

Gov. Shumlin urges President Obama to back tougher greenhouse gas standards

Gov. Peter Shumlin today took a strong position in support of fuel security, jobs, and a healthier future for Vermonters and all Americans, writing to President Barack Obama to voice support for a single, national emission standard for passenger vehicles and light trucks.

Cleaner fuel agreement signed by Northeast states

Eleven governors have signed an agreement to develop a mandatory, multi-state Low Carbon Fuel Standard.