Donald Trump

State confronts financial uncertainties as Trump takes office

Vermont depends on the federal government for about a third of its budget.

Police to Sanders, Trump and Clinton: Pay your bills already

Bernie Sanders’ campaign in December reported that it owed 23 local governments and law enforcement agencies a combined $449,409 for “event security.”

Leahy presses as Sessions declares commitment to civil rights

The Vermonter pushed the would-be attorney general to vow to uphold key rights laws he had not supported as an Alabama senator, including two Leahy sponsored.

Welch seeks drug negotiating power for Medicare

He sent a note to Donald Trump pointing out that the president-elect has expressed support for negotiating and calling on him to check out a bill Welch introduced.

Patrick Leahy: Is Sessions still too extreme for Republicans?

Attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions was too extreme for Republicans in 1986. Now that he is nominated to be attorney general, we will see if the same person is still too extreme for Republicans.

Vermonters protest Trump nominees’ climate change stances

“Here in Vermont I’m not too concerned” about any need to pressure the state’s U.S. senators to oppose nominees, said one protester. “But we are standing in solidarity on what is a global issue.”

Bernie Briefing: Sanders presses Jan. 15 ‘day of action’

The senator is tapping a variety of national media venues — including a prime-time CNN “town hall” Monday — to promote a Martin Luther King Jr. weekend protest against health care cuts.

Tension high as Leahy set to grill Trump attorney general pick

As senators, Leahy and nominee Jeff Sessions have sparred for years over civil rights issues.

Cyndy Bittinger: Taking action for women’s rights

Far from sour grapes over a female candidate’s loss, the Women’s March on Washington is intended to reflect wider concerns.

In first week of new Congress, Vermont delegation comes out swinging against Trump

Sanders opposes repeal of the Affordable Care Act; Leahy is calling for an investigation into Russian hacking; and Welch is pressing for a probe into Trump’s business conflicts.

Welch and Colleagues Introduce Resolutions Urging Trump to Comply with Constitution by Severing Relationship with Private Business

News Release — Rep. Peter Welch January 5, 2017 Contact: Kirsten Hartman, Communications Director (202) 225-4115 Senators, Reps. cite Constitution’s language shielding President from foreign financial influence WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Ben Cardin (D-Md.), Ranking Member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and a Member of the Senate Finance Committee, and U.S. Rep. Peter Welch […]

Gregory Dennis: What liberals don’t get about conservatives

Perhaps if we had a better sense of why conservatives see the world and vote as they do, progressives could shape more appealing policies and more effective governance.

Margolis: Fake news, is it for real?

Maybe Trump and his followers, with their blatant indifference to fact, have the better grasp of the future.

Walt Amses: Tis the season …

Well, it’s that time of year again, the belief season, wherein we take on faith, things that are less than accurate — to be polite — courtesy of organized religion, media outlets, political organizations and large corporations.