David Sharpe

Merger incentives survive negotiations over education bill

A conference committee worked out a deal reflecting both legislative chambers’ priority issues. For the Senate the sticking point had to do with draft rules on private schools.

Proposal to shift more money into pre-K subsidies languishes

The property tax implications of transferring money out of the education fund generated some criticism. The bill also aims to iron out issues with implementing universal preschool.

Bill would prohibit lawmakers from serving on UVM board

H.41 would stop the Legislature from appointing nine members of the board of trustees at the University of Vermont.

Lawmakers beat up on education tax system while setting rates

“Can you tell me why we can’t come up with a formula that you don’t have to have a Harvard degree to understand?” asked Rep. Ron Hubert, R-Milton.

Analysts doubt Scott education plan can deliver

“If schools make the cuts the governor has asked for, Vermont homeowners won’t see lower taxes,” according to Paul Cillo, an architect of the education fund.

Dave Sharpe: Act 46 is the right direction

The recent commentary in VTDigger regarding Act 46 and its supposed restriction on tuitioning towns is a shameful and disingenuous representation of the law enacted in 2015.

UVM seeks to repeal ‘40 percent’ law on tuition ratio

University officials say changing a 60-year-old law limiting tuition for Vermonters to a portion of out-of-state tuition would help bring in more students and more revenue.

Low-income high schoolers less likely to use college vouchers

Participation has almost doubled in the first two years of the dual enrollment program, which pays for high school students to attend college classes. But certain groups are taking advantage at a far lower rate than others.

Some districts left in limbo as revisions to merger rules languish

With the state prohibiting any given school district from both operating classrooms and paying for students in the same grades to attend another school, the consolidation options for some communities aren’t palatable.