Dave Sharpe

Panel pans plan to extend phase-out of ‘phantom’ students

In the waning days of the 2017 legislative session, a Rochester lawmaker tried to buy more time for a provision that allows small schools to artificially lower tax rates, but the House didn’t go for it. Rep. Sandy Haas, P-Rochester, proposed an amendment that would have given school districts one more year before the state […]

New property tax formula would shield lower-spending districts

About half of all school districts would see a tax hike. The changes would be retroactive for fiscal year 2018.

Voters reject 18 school budgets

Thirty-seven budgets were struck down in 2014 when calls for tax relief hit a fever pitch.

Dave Sharpe: School Choice – everyone has it!

Every student and their parents have a choice as to what school their child attends. The real question is who is going to pay for that choice.

Lawmakers advance effort to improve special education

The bill would make one funding change now and set in motion further steps meant to improve the delivery of services and bring savings.

Lawmakers pitch changes to the state’s education system

Several legislators pitched bills to their fellow Democratic House members Tuesday, including an education funding bill.

House Education Committee begins high-profile work

The biggest issue facing the committee in the coming legislative session, said Rep. Bernie Juskiewicz, R-Cambridge, “is property tax.”

House committees set as Legislature opens

New chairs appointed for Appropriations, Education, Judiciary and Health Care.

Legislative preview: Education committees struggle with cost, quality

Voters made it clear this fall that rising property taxes and declining school enrollment don’t add up. Lawmakers look to address that while preserving the quality of Vermont schools.

Rep. Bill Lippert to play pivotal role as chair of House Health Care

Rep. Maxine Grad will be chair of House Judiciary; Rep. Dave Sharpe will lead House Education and Rep. Mitzi Johnson will take over House Appropriations.

Property tax reform, education cost control proposals emerge from ad hoc working group

Lawmakers this session will decide whether to tinker with Act 60 and Act 68, or replace the state’s unique statewide property tax system with a new formula for funding education. The other looming question is whether lawmakers will institute cost controls that would put a damper on school spending.

VTDigger holds education funding reform panel Dec. 11 in Montpelier

VTDigger brings together lawmakers and experts on tax policy and asks them to propose solutions to the K-12 education affordability crisis in Vermont.

Republican mailer accuses Dems of ‘taking over Medicare’

The Democrats have said they will not use Medicare to help fund Shumlin’s single-payer initiative. While intent language in Act 48, the 2011 legislative framework for health care reform, mentions state administration of Medicare funds, the state cannot handle claims or provider reimbursements. Vermont is part of a regional Medicare administration system.

Study of marijuana’s revenue potential revived

Rebuffed by House Speaker Shap Smith in their attempt to study the regulatory and tax effects of legalizing pot, lawmakers slip the notion into a bill on dispensaries.