Vermont Lake Advocate Asks State: Does Herbicidal Use Help Create Blue Green Algae Blooms?

News Release Sept. 9, 2016 Contact: •Tim Camisa, lake advocate, Colchester resident, St. Albans businessman: 802-528-8512 (office), 802-373-2025 (cell), [email protected] •Leon Thompson, communications specialist, Vermont Organics Reclamation (St. Albans, VT): 802-528-8512, [email protected] ST. ALBANS, Vt. –– A Vermont lake advocate has sent a letter to three top state environmental officials, urging them to study whether […]

Blue-green algae blooms are deadly to pets

News Release — Vermont Veterinary Medical Association July 29, 2013 Blue green algae, (known as cyanobacteria) are microscopic plants that grow in any type water and are too small to be seen. However, they can experience rapid growth (bloom) in nutrient rich water in late summer or early fall and can be deadly to animals. […]