Trump takes aim at rural areas and poor with budget plan

The plan would cut many programs on which Vermonters rely, including Medicaid and LIHEAP. Trump said the latter sees “sizeable fraud and abuse” and is no longer necessary.

Student loan forgiveness could help farmers grow

“We are five years behind where we could be,” says one Vermont farmer struggling with student debt. A bill before Congress looks to attract more young people to the field and help them succeed.

Auction block nearing for Milky Way Farm’s cows

The family operation in Ira has struggled with debt. “Until the day that the auctioneer arrives,” Mary Saceric-Clark said last week, “we’re going to continue to fight.”

Amy Cochran: Farm septic waste causing great harm

The formerly earthy smell of animals, hay and balanced fertilization of the land has been replaced with the pungent smell of a witch’s brew of fresh manure, urine, chemical waste products, partially decomposed animals, rotten silage and anything else that has lost its usefulness.

Alarms raised about herbicide runoff as planting season nears

Atrazine has been found in streams at many times the levels that kill aquatic plants, a study says. The Agency of Agriculture calls the risk overblown and says farmers use atrazine properly.

John Klar: North Korea and Vermont family farms

The rejuvenation of Vermont’s small farms is a vital component of sensible national security.

Randolph site once up for development now to be protected

Conservationists are raising money to buy the final piece of the parcel at Exit 4, while the owners have agreed to sell most of the land to another group to be run as a farm.

Fate of Vermont agriculture in Washington weighs heavy

Farmers and members of the congressional delegation look to limit the damage when it comes to immigrant labor, federal grant funding, dairy price protections and more.

Clara Ayer: Earth Day is every day on our dairy farm

Our mission at Fairmont Farm is to be a profitable dairy farm with the utmost consideration for the safety and happiness of our people, the cleanliness of our environment and the health of our animals.

Kathleen Krevetski: Local foods bring people together

Growing local is about serving our community. We need to remember and appreciate the farmers who grow the food we eat.

Roger Allbee: Dairy industry history shows market adaptations

Our advantage in Vermont and the Northeast is being near large markets, but it is an advantage that will continue to erode without an aggressive strategy.

Leonard Bull: Time for a new look at dairy

When Cabot cheddar is voted the best in the world, that is great, just as when Ben & Jerry’s adds a new flavor. But those successes are not innovations and there’s little new demand for milk.

John Klar: Illegal immigrants and industrial farms

There has been uncritical acceptance lately of this hogwash that Vermont is dependent on illegal foreign laborers to “save” its dairy industry.

Farm to fundraising: Family fights to keep dairy operation

After hanging on through four years of bankruptcy proceedings and the loss of the family patriarch, the operators of a tiny Ira farm aren’t ready to give up yet. But their options are dwindling.