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A Vermonter dishes the dirt on spring cleaning struggles

Pawlet writer and self-described “collector” Eve O. Schaub is author of the new book “Year of No Clutter.”

‘If I’d only … my son would still be alive today’

John Halligan has told 1 million students and counting the story of his son Ryan, a 13-year-old Vermonter who killed himself after facing a tsunami of social media torments.

WATCH LIVE: A Conversation With Warren Strobel

Warren Strobel’s talk in Burlington on Tuesday can be viewed as a livestream courtesy of Channel 17. The event starts at 6:30 PM and is sponsored by Milne Travel.

Then Again: A use for Vermont’s leftover bits and pieces

Gores may have started as accidents, but they soon became useful to the Legislature, which doled them out almost like consolation prizes to people petitioning the state for land.

Weston actor and lawmaker Sam Lloyd dies at age 91

The onetime Broadway understudy for Walter Matthau and castmate of Dustin Hoffman was among the authors of Vermont’s Act 250 land-use law.

YWP: ‘A Little Girl’

This week’s Young Writers Project entry is “A Little Girl” by Iris Robert, 13, of South Burlington.

New Vermont children’s book explores questions of death

Author Julia Alvarez and artist Sabra Field join their words and woodblock prints in “Where Do They Go?”

A Vermonter’s story of losing sight and gaining vision

Brattleboro’s “blind masseur,” Neil Taylor, and his mother, Alison Taylor, are authors of the new memoir “The Life We Got.”

Then Again: A massive blizzard brings Vermont to a halt

Not a train ran for nearly three days. Montpelier didn’t have mail from the south for four days, and people in Rutland fought through drifts that ranged from 4 feet to over their heads to get about town.

YWP: ‘Chase for Equality’

This week’s Young Writers Project entry is “Chase for Equality” by Sylvan Williams, a student at U-32 High School in East Montpelier.

UVM men’s basketball looks for tournament heroics vs. Purdue

Sports Illustrated’s Luke Winn included the Catamounts at No. 8 on a list of his top 10 NCAA bracket busters, noting the “extreme, positive momentum” the team brings.

Then Again: Klan crosses burned in Vermont, but not for long

What drew people to the group varied. Some were attracted by its message of hatred and exclusion, while others described it as a social club, akin to the Masons or Rotary.

‘Playing at Higher Ground’

This week’s Young Writers Project entry is “Playing at Higher Ground” by Caroline Swayze of Charlotte.

Then Again: A winter wracked by scurvy and cold

Sixty French soldiers huddled inside a small fort on an island in the middle of Lake Champlain during the winter of 1666. Each must have wondered: “What am I doing here?”