Then Again: America’s first globe maker was self-taught Vermont farmer

In the early 1800s, James Wilson’s globes, made in Bradford, were considered equals to pricier ones made in Europe. In the years before he died at the age of 92, Wilson perfected a model planetarium.

Then Again: Future presidents find promise in Vermont

Two political heavyweights went on a road trip in 1791 that included the Green Mountain State, a new member of the Union.

A Vermonter’s life in plants remembered

In the late 19th century, Cyrus Pringle shipped more than 500,000 plant specimens to institutions. He collected roughly 20,000 species, of which an estimated 12 percent were new to science.

Then again: The airwaves gave Coolidge a campaign advantage

The idea of a candidate being able to put himself before the people in voice, but not in body, struck some people as odd.

Then Again: Twain’s ill-fated brother did not prosper in Vermont

Mark Twain predicted his brother would not last as editor of a Rutland newspaper. He was right.

Then Again: A case of who done … what?

In 1800s Vermont, a case of family jealously and alleged murder takes a surprise turn.

Then Again: Mills shaped the fabric of Winooski

Mill owners were happy to hire women and recent immigrants because the businesses could pay them less. The influx gave Winooski a richer ethnic mix than most of Vermont.

Then Again: Political views got in the way of famed writer’s career

Sarah Cleghorn preferred to voice her opinions in writing. Doing so made her one of the leading activists, educators, authors and poets Vermont has ever produced.

Then Again: Faking money the old-fashioned way

All governments could do was threaten dire consequences. Some early currency bore the warning “Death to counterfeiters.”

Then Again: When water was the cure for what ailed you

Nearly every community seemed able to find a spring to charge people for using. Guests — who included Harriet Beecher Stowe — liked their water fetid. The smellier, the stronger the curative powers.

Then Again: Vermont helps launch an international incident

Attacking Canada might seem quixotic at best. But the Fenians had reasons to dream, and they could count on some Vermonters for support.

Then Again: Hetty Green and her money weren’t to be parted

The Vermonter was the richest woman on Earth at the time of her death in 1916; she was also arguably the stingiest.

Then Again: Free or enslaved? Vermont court would decide

A bill of sale showed that Vermonter Stephen Jacob had purchased the woman known as Dinah. But when she could no longer work, a squabble broke out over who was responsible for her.

Then Again: Cities rise thanks to a Vermonter

With a stunt that featured perhaps the most dramatic 2-inch fall in history, Elisha Otis set in motion the transformation of the world’s cities.