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The Deeper Dig: The Trump budget threat

Trump inauguration
Supporters of President Donald Trump watch his inaugural speech. File photo by Jasper Craven/VTDigger

While new information regarding Russian government involvement in President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign dominated national news this week, VTDigger’s Washington, D.C., reporting has focused on a different story emerging from the Trump White House.

Multiple budget proposals released by the Trump administration this spring have provided a revealing look into the president’s funding priorities. If Congress approves a budget that looks anything like these blueprints, federally funded programs in Vermont could see major cuts.

On this week’s podcast, Jasper Craven, who reported from Washington, D.C., for the first six months of this year, explains the key provisions.

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Mike Dougherty

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  • John French

    Like the drug epidemic in Vermont and most every state.Weening ourselves off the free money train without the withdrawal pain.Good luck with that.

  • Steve Baker

    Agreed, we can blame the Big Pharma, we can blame the Federal Gov, but many of these problems need to solved on the ground in Vermont. Why are people drawn to addiction? What social ills in Vermont are causes?
    It seems the addiction is a big symptom of many of the social causes.
    The Federal Government can’t cure all of Vermonts’ ills

  • Dominic Cotignola

    No surprise but being “tired of it” does not help the country move forward.
    I am sure the people who are tired of it also get “free” handouts too. Just in a different way. Think hard.

    We are united as a people to take care of each other. At least that is what I was taught 40 yrs ago. I believe our current leader has had plenty of “free” handouts too. Perhaps we can strategically create a budget to stop that too.

  • Why isn’t the Scott administration and the legislators looking at a pre-emptive move by looking to cut the waste and bloat in the state government? I know that’s radical thinking but it’s there and it costs taxpayers money. Federal cuts or not it’s time to get back to responsible and responsive government.

    • Peter Chick

      Governor Scott has asked department heads to at least consider cutbacks not long after his swearing in as governor.

  • Robert Lehmert

    Specifically, what “free stuff” are you talking about?

  • Robert Lehmert

    Maybe if you flatten the hills, build malls, put in an international port, we can build a Vermont that “stands on its own two feet”. Otherwise, this is destructive dogma, Comrade. While we’re at it why would anyone feelgood about a remake of the United State and of Vermont that sprung from the fetid imagination of some failed talkshow host in bed with the Russians?

  • Robert Lehmert

    You might want to go back and revisit why the United States why founded, and review the heated discussions that were held between the representatives of urban industrialized areas and those from rural agrarian areas. This is how the United States was constructed — to support the common good as a republic. I’m surprised that people who consider themselves “conservatives” are seemingly unaware that the world (including Vermont) runs on more than local food and local brew and composting. We can’t live in an 18th or 19th century society anymore. A good read for all: “Washington’s Farewell: The Founding Father’s Warning to Future Generations” by John Avlon.

  • Steve Baker

    So you’re saying the State is just “starting off” with a loss? The money trouble in Vermont has been ongoing for years and years. Some businesses run against a credit line to help but Vermont is a welfare State, wholly dependent on a 1/3 of its outlay coming at the expense of productive States.
    And anytime you wish to discuss running a business, I’ll give you a free education on how to run a successful business in 16 states and 3 foreign countries.