Jasper Craven

Jasper Craven

Jasper Craven is VTDigger’s political reporter. A Vermont native, he first discovered his love for journalism at the Caledonian Record. He double-majored in print journalism and political science at Boston University, and worked in the Boston Globe’s Metro and Investigative units. While at the Globe he collaborated on Shadow Campus, a three-part investigative series focused on greed and mismanagement in Boston’s off-campus student housing market. The series was a finalist for the 2015 Pulitzer Prize. He also spent two years at MuckRock, a news sited dedicated to investigation and analysis of government documents. Craven covered Vermont’s U.S. Congressional delegation for the Times Argus in the summer of 2014, and worked as a Metro reporter for the Chicago Tribune before joining the staff of VTDigger.

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    Vermonters join massive women’s march on Washington

    Among the hordes of D.C. marchers on Saturday were hundreds of Vermonters who traveled by air, land and rail in their pilgrimages to the national’s capital.

    Red meat and Trump: Vermonters celebrate inauguration in DC

    A contingent of Vermont Republicans descended on the nation’s capital for the swearing in of Donald J. Trump as president.

    Leahy has a quiz for Sessions on extremism, crime, Trump

    Vermont’s senior senator has asked Trump’s pick for attorney general to answer 37 written follow-up questions before Leahy decides whether he will support the nomination.

    Price hearing turns into a battle over the future of the Affordable Care Act

    Price has proposed draconian cuts to entitlement programs, including reductions over a 10-year period of $449 billion to Medicaid and more than $1 trillion to Medicare.

    Scott skips Trump inauguration

    All three members of Vermont’s congressional delegation will attend Trump’s inauguration Friday. Hundreds of Vermonters are expected to protest on Saturday.

    Pre-clearance deal advances Montrealer train

    Vermont is one step closer to reviving Amtrak train service between Burlington and Montreal.

    House Republicans initiate repeal of Affordable Care Act

    Rep. Peter Welch, D-Vt., accused Republicans of unfairly attacking the law without offering a comprehensive replacement plan.

    Middle-of-the-night vote clears way for Obamacare repeal

    “On behalf of elderly people who cannot afford prescription drugs I vote no,” said Bernie Sanders, joined by Patrick Leahy. Sanders also offered an amendment letting the government negotiate drug prices, but it failed.

    Sessions’ civil rights record questioned

    Sen. Patrick Leahy and members of the Black Congressional Caucus say the nominee for Attorney General has blocked laws that would have improved the lot of women and African Americans.

    Leahy presses as Sessions declares commitment to civil rights

    The Vermonter pushed the would-be attorney general to vow to uphold key rights laws he had not supported as an Alabama senator, including two Leahy sponsored.

    Tension high as Leahy set to grill Trump attorney general pick

    As senators, Leahy and nominee Jeff Sessions have sparred for years over civil rights issues.

    In first week of new Congress, Vermont delegation comes out swinging against Trump

    Sanders opposes repeal of the Affordable Care Act; Leahy is calling for an investigation into Russian hacking; and Welch is pressing for a probe into Trump’s business conflicts.

    Sanders’ college plans picked up by New York state

    Sanders visited LaGuardia Community College in Queens on Tuesday to help unveil Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s free public college education program.

    Leahy looks to form commission to probe alleged Russian hacking

    The commission would produce a report in 18 months detailing facts about the alleged hacking and recommendations on how to best prevent future meddling in American elections.