Jasper Craven

Jasper Craven

Jasper Craven is VTDigger’s political reporter. A Vermont native, he first discovered his love for journalism at the Caledonian Record. He double-majored in print journalism and political science at Boston University, and worked in the Boston Globe’s Metro and Investigative units. While at the Globe he collaborated on Shadow Campus, a three-part investigative series focused on greed and mismanagement in Boston’s off-campus student housing market. The series was a finalist for the 2015 Pulitzer Prize. He also spent two years at MuckRock, a news sited dedicated to investigation and analysis of government documents. Craven covered Vermont’s U.S. Congressional delegation for the Times Argus in the summer of 2014, and worked as a Metro reporter for the Chicago Tribune before joining the staff of VTDigger.

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    Special report: Think tank’s ties to Trump raise stakes for Vermont funding

    The Heritage Foundation’s budget blueprint — if enacted — would devastate federal support for green energy, crime victim assistance, farms and more.

    Democrats weigh party’s direction after Sanders run

    The contest for the job of national chair has Howard Dean and others debating who can lead the party out of the wilderness.

    Sanders challenges explanation for event cancellation

    The National Guard said its armory in West Virginia couldn’t be used for a political event. The senator implied it was an attempt to muzzle him.

    Leahy presses anti-overdose drug’s maker on price hike

    The pharmaceutical company has increased the price of a lifesaving drug injector more than sixfold over the last two years.

    Sanders, Cruz push competing health care visions in debate

    Sanders defended the Affordable Care Act, which Republicans seek to repeal, while arguing that single-payer would be even better. Neither he nor Cruz has ruled out a presidential run in 2020.

    Congress overturns disclosure rule on energy extraction payments

    In a fiery floor speech Thursday, Leahy said that overturning the rule would spawn corruption and bribery at the highest levels of foreign government, and he invoked Russia as an example.

    Sanders finds common ground with Veterans Affairs nominee

    They agreed about the high quality of VA care. But the Vermont senator demanded and received a commitment from Trump’s nominee on one key point: no privatization of the department.

    Leahy calls for ‘unsparing examination’ of Trump high court pick

    He described the Republicans’ unprecedented refusal to allow a hearing on President Obama’s nominee “shameful” and promised not to try the same tactic.

    Sessions’ confirmation expected after party-line committee vote

    The Republican majority sent his nomination to the Senate for a vote after attempts by Vermont’s Sen. Patrick Leahy and others to muster opposition failed.

    Democrats block Sessions vote after Leahy, others pile on

    The issues included the nominee’s refusal to admit there’s no evidence millions of illegal immigrants voted. “The next thing we are going to hear is the unicorns voted,” Leahy said.

    Welch-backed bill on rural phone quality moves ahead

    According to the FCC, residents of Vermont and other rural states experience persistent problems with incoming long distance and wireless calls. The legislation seeks to set universal standards.

    Leahy decides: No on Trump attorney general pick

    “After giving Sessions the benefit of the doubt, there’s too much doubt,” Leahy said Sunday about the president’s nominee.

    Leahy’s queries yield some assurances from Sessions

    In answers to written follow-up questions, the president’s pick for attorney general promised to enforce key laws but equivocated when it came to legal questions regarding Trump.

    Trump ready to close door on refugees bound for Rutland

    Mayor Chris Louras said that “from a human perspective, history will prove this to be a monumental mistake for both the country and for our community.”