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House panels to hold public hearings on marijuana legalization March 31

House committees on Judiciary and on Government Operations will hold a public hearing from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Thursday, March 31 in the House Chamber at the Statehouse.

Lawmakers will be taking testimony on S.241, a bill that would legalize marijuana. The legislation is a framework for the regulation and distribution of the drug. It includes tax, budget and law enforcement components.

Members of the public can sign up 30 minutes prior to the hearing. Each person has 2 minutes to testify, testimony is taken on a first come, first serve basis, and everyone may not be able to testify in the two hour timeframe.

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  • micahel olcott

    What more will be said here that has not been said before. those on the pro side will refute all the drug war propaganda and the opposition will use our children and fears to perpetuate this senseless persecution of a plant that when used properly can produce not just medicine but dozens of other products that have nothing to do with escaping reality’s drudgery. i am really disappointed at the cronyism that S241 institutes but i would rather see an end to the war on cannabis and the discrimination in our society that the users and growers of this plant face for making the choice to consume/grow it. it really feels like the opposition is trying run out the clock so our political servants can avoid making a decision on this that may cost them at the polls. well NOT making a decision is still a choice that they may have to answer for. 80K people were willing to admit they used it, i’m reasonably sure that at least that many more use it on occasion but dont dare to admit it due to their fears of legal, economic, and societal persecution.

  • James Sault

    I do hope that someone brings up the positive side of male plant as it is never mentioned in any of the discussions. The male plant has many positives and should be part of the reasoning for giving legal status.

  • Bonny Lavenberg

    “House panels to hold public hearings on marijuana legalization March 31”