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Gobeille discusses ‘two Americas’ on WDEV’s Mark Johnson Show

Al Gobeille, the chair of the regulatory board overseeing health care reform says we are living in “two Americas” where some with employer-provided health care pay little and do not understand the concern while others are uninsured or on employer plans with high deductibles and co-pays. The Burlington businessman discusses changing how doctors and hospitals are paid and efforts underway to control health care costs. Click here to listen.

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  • Dave Bellini

    What a self-righteous piece of baloney.
    Saying that public employees don’t understand healthcare and implying that they have it too good, couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s popular politics to attack public sector workers and it’s an omen of things to come. Public sector workers DO understand the value of their healthcare. State employees took pay cuts to preserve their healthcare. Many public sector employees are unionized and believe in collective bargaining and took lower pay to obtain good benefits. We understand it very well. I’m disappointed that Mr. Gobeille is in a leadership position to decide the future of healthcare in Vermont. State workers and teachers are not wealthy nor do they live in utopia or some other America. Maybe they understand the value of good healthcare MORE, not less. I’m concerned that the GMCB is out to make everything mediocre. If state workers have it so good consider making the state employee’s health plan the model for everyone 2017.

    • John Greenberg

      Dave Bellini,

      If you’re referring to THIS article, it says: “some with employer-provided health care.” That would include many private sector workers (nationally, almost 70% of the the employed population aged 18 to 64:, so unless you’re referring to something ELSE, Mr. Gobeille does NOT appear to be singling out or addressing public sector workers at all.

      • J. Scott Cameron

        Dave – you seem a little touchy on this point. Gobeille wasn’t singling out public sector workers. Had he done so he would not have spoken about the “two Americas”, but the “three Americas”, at least vis a vis health insurance. There are the people with little or no employer support and coverage, there are people employed in private sector who get support which ranges from minimum to moderate, and there are public employees, who have elite health insurance coverage and employer support. Public sector employees could be the big losers if and when universal coverage goes into effect. However, public sector unions are already planning negotiations for ‘wrap around’ benefits above and beyond those provided by universal health care if the day ever comes when there members are legislated into health plans and coverage with the rest of the public.

  • Kathy Callaghan

    Wouldn’t the need for a wraparound plan (which Dr. Hsaio in his report said everyone would need) increase the cost of health coverage for Vermonters even more? Beyond the high tax cost of single payer, people would also have to purchase a wraparound plan. This gets more and ore expensive every time we look at it!.