Al Gobeille

New health care bill could cost Vermont $200 million

State officials say more people will go without health insurance as a result of the federal law.

UPDATED: Rothenberg won’t be reappointed to run psychiatric hospital

Jeff Rothenberg revealed in an email to the hospital’s advisory board that his last day is Friday.

Human services chief promises review of mental health system

Al Gobeille said he has scheduled a meeting Friday with hospitals, mental health providers, independent doctors and others to take a broad look at improving care.

Stakeholders say Obamacare repeal would be gradual

Lobbyists for insurance companies say dismantling the Affordable Care Act would happen piece by piece and that it would take years to replace.

Prison hostage situation resolved without injury

Inmate Matthew Hinton allegedly used a three-foot-long broken section of a broom handle to take another prisoner hostage.

2017 Legislative Preview: Medicaid, mental health and Vermont Health Connect

Medicaid spending will once again be a driving factor in a projected $55 million to $75 million budget gap.

VAHHS Statement on Gobeille Appointment

News Release — Vermont Association of Hospitals and Health Systems Dec. 7, 2016 Contact: Jeff Tieman, President and CEO Vermont Association of Hospitals and Health Systems Telephone: (802) 223-3461, x111 Email: [email protected] Statement of Vermont Association of Hospitals and Health Systems Regarding: Appointment of Al Gobeille as Secretary of the Agency of Human Services The […]

Scott picks Gobeille as secretary of human services, taps Young for top Fifth Floor job

The governor-elect tapped the head of the Green Mountain Care Board to lead the state’s largest agency. Susanne Young, former counsel for Jim Douglas, will be secretary of the agency of administration.

Gerry Silverstein: Searching for the truth about ACOs and big hospitals

Al Gobeille has consistently argued there is a national consensus that ACOs are the best way to control costs, yet study after study has detailed there is no consensus, and especially not ACOs run by large monopolistic hospitals.

Skeptics question all-payer health care model

Stakeholders question whether the program will save money.

Regulators to decide on $2.4 billion in proposed hospital revenue

The proposed increase in revenue from patient care is higher than the 3.4 percent target the Green Mountain Care Board requested from hospitals.

Health care regulators to oversee new entities, with or without all-payer

“There’ll be ACOs, large ACOs, in the state whether we have an all-payer model or not, and this regulation will be necessary,” said Al Gobeille, the chair of the Green Mountain Care Board.

Lawmakers told: Bill won’t solve health care consolidation worries

A lawyer for the Green Mountain Care Board said it is not an antitrust regulator and depends on the attorney general’s office. Wendy Morgan, an assistant attorney general, said her office depends largely on consumer complaints.

Advocates oppose further group therapy cuts

Providers are looking at a significant cut in reimbursements for Medicaid patients seeking group therapy.