Green Mountain Care Board

Green Mountain Care Board Public Meetings in December

News Release — Green Mountain Care Board November 30, 2016 Contact: Jaime Fisher 802-828-2130 Montpelier, VT – The Green Mountain Care Board (GMCB) will hold the following public meetings in December: Thursday, December 1: Board Meeting (1:00 pm) – Certificate of Need (CON) Hearing: Purchase of Rowan Health & Rehabilitation Center, LLC, Docket No. GMCB-020-15con […]

VITL says it may need to borrow to pay employees

The publicly funded nonprofit that coordinates health records has $66,000 in cash on hand but needs to issue $135,000 in paychecks at the end of the month.

UPDATED: Robin Lunge named to Green Mountain Care Board

Outgoing Gov. Peter Shumlin picked her to fill an open seat on the regulatory panel. She has been his director of health care reform since 2011.

Tom Heubner: A focus on quality, access and patient service

Vermont Care Organization is your doctors and caregivers, and we will lead the decisions about how to create a health care system for Vermonters that meets two goals: better health and better health care.

Allan Ramsay: The all-payer model and the primary care crisis

The all-payer model will not be successful unless more Vermonters have access to primary care providers and these providers can focus on preventive care, mental health, and management of people with chronic diseases.

Judge: Health reform player’s documents must be public

Vermont Information Technology Leaders, a publicly funded nonprofit, must follow the state’s public records law. It had fought a request for documents about its finances and other matters.

Regulators now say all-payer scope extends to Medicaid reimbursements

Raising what Vermont Medicaid pays doctors and hospitals did not come up during the public comment period for the all-payer model. Hospitals say the current reimbursement rates cause losses that they must pass along.

Board grants anonymity to surgical center investors

Lawyers for the planned Green Mountain Surgery Center in Colchester argued that the investors in the project could be subject to retaliation from hospitals if their identities were known.

Shumlin signs all-payer deal with the feds

The deal is the last major health care initiative of Gov. Peter Shumlin’s administration.

Republican Leader Seeks Assurances for Vermonters as GMCB Warns Vote on All-Payer Model

News Release — Rep. Don Turner October 25, 2016 Contact: Rep. Don Turner 802-373-5960 Despite Insufficient Public Process, Uncertain Outcomes and Risk Variables Milton, Vt. – The Green Mountain Care Board (GMCB) could vote on implementing the proposed All-Payer Model (APM) this week. In a letter to GMCB Chairman Al Gobeille, House Republican Leader Don […]

Green Mountain Care Board Approval of Vermont All-Payer Model Supports Continuation of Successful SASH Program

News Release — SASH Oct. 26, 2016 Contact: Joanne Choiniere, Executive Assistant, Cathedral Square [email protected]  South Burlington, VT—Support And Services at Home (SASH), a statewide, housing- based care management model which serves as an extension of the Blueprint for Health, is proud to announce its ongoing funding as a result of today’s decision by […]

Green Mountain Care Board approves all-payer deal

The board cited more than 20 letters of support it received from major health care companies and hospitals.

Spencer Bailey: Vermont’s all-payer model — at what cost?

The all-payer model is a risky, unproven model for health care funding that is being implemented in a small state with a frail rural health network.

Joint Fiscal Office points to unanswered questions on all-payer model

The Green Mountain Care Board could vote to sign the all-payer agreement as early as today.