MacLean hired as Shumlin campaign manager

Alex MacLean with Liz Miller, commissioner of the Department of Public Service, VTD File Photo/Josh Larkin

Gov. Peter Shumlin’s campaign machine, largely dormant since his victory in November 2010, is quietly starting back up as the governor’s Labor Day start date approaches.

Though he maintains he won’t begin campaigning until after Labor Day, Shumlin’s campaign for re-election has hired on its second full-time staffer: Alex MacLean, the incumbent’s 2010 campaign manager, hit the campaign trail again Monday in the same job she had last time around. She says she’ll be preparing the campaign infrastructure – coordinating events, raising money, recruiting volunteers, hiring staff – so the governor can hit the ground running Sept. 4.

“Right now, I would say that I’m focused on getting the campaign ready for post-Labor Day,” MacLean said. As of this week, the campaign now pays MacLean and campaign finance manager Erika Wolffing as full-time staff. MacLean said she thinks the campaign will hire one more full-time staffer.

According to MacLean, Wolffing makes $4,227.36 a month working for the campaign. MacLean wouldn’t say how much she’s getting paid, but noted that information will be available in the campaign’s next filing Sept. 15.

Since the 2010 election, MacLean has stayed on the governor’s payroll in one way or another. Paid out of Shumlin’s campaign funds, she served on the the transition team as Shumlin entered the office former Gov. Jim Douglas was vacating. Once he took office, Shumlin hired MacLean as the secretary for Civil and Military Affairs, an office generally held by governors’ top political advisers.

MacLean left that post Friday, Aug. 17. Shumlin’s Chief of Staff Bill Lofy will take on those responsibilities, MacLean says, for the next few months.

Will she come back to the office if Shumlin wins his re-election bid? MacLean wouldn’t say. She says for now, she’s just focusing on the campaign.

Taylor Dobbs


  1. Stan Hopson :

    That’s gotta be the easiest gig in the state with how this race is shaping up.



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