DPS criticizes noise monitoring plan for wind project

Among other things, the Department of Public Service wants the state, not the developer, to choose the contractor that will measure compliance with noise limits.

PSB rejects call for Deerfield Wind project halt

The developer says it will now comply with DMV registration for construction vehicles traveling on the road. But the board said registration doesn’t qualify as a “necessary permit.”

Suzanna Jones: Experiment in Environmental Ethics

Clever marketing has induced some of us to engage in moral relativism, ethics without substance and environmentalism at the cost of its soul.

PSB would cap night turbine noise below ‘levels in a library’

The board backed off somewhat from a stricter proposal before sending the new standards to legislators for review. Both supporters and opponents of wind power panned the rules.

Case closed on Georgia turbine neighbor’s noise complaint

The remaining question was whether to test inside the home of the woman who lodged the complaint, to see if noise levels might have been too high. The state decided there was no need.

Public brings its hopes and fears to hearing on turbine noise

Some say tougher standards are necessary to protect health and even lives, while wind supporters say the concerns are unfounded and the proposed limits would kill the industry.

Conflict over PSB authority coming to a head this week

A legislative committee determined that regulators overstepped with a new rule on net metering. Now the PSB will say how it plans to respond, while lawmakers consider an end-run.

New noise limit would end turbine development, say advocates

The Public Service Board’s proposed rules are a significant reduction from the current limits and even from a “discussion draft” released in January.

Georgia Mountain turbine operator fined $2,000 over icy blades

The facility’s permit says it must shut down under those conditions. The fine resulted from complaints called in by residents who live nearby.

Year in Review: The top environmental stories of 2016

Leading headlines this year were the legal battle over the Vermont Gas pipeline and congressional pre-emption of Vermont’s GMO labeling law.

PSB is urged to be flexible on turbines’ distance from homes

Developers would use computer modeling to determine where wind energy projects can be built without exceeding limits on how much noise neighbors hear.

Bennington region among first to write energy plan

The report contains maps of the most and least acceptable areas for solar, wind, hydro and other generating facilities. It was written under the provisions of the energy siting law the Legislature passed this year.

Shumlin celebrates efficiency program, green energy progress

Meanwhile, Gov.-elect Phil Scott’s team is signaling he’s ready to draw a line regarding large-scale wind projects, although he too supports the state’s renewable energy goal.

Region told pipeline squeeze may push up power prices

Energy leaders meeting in Boston last week said the New England states need to make it easier to build infrastructure to bring in more natural gas and get more renewable power from Canada if they want to control prices and meet green energy goals.