Vermont Senate

Issue arises with past Green Mountain Care Board appointment

Betty Rambur served from 2013 until Jan. 15, but the Senate never confirmed her appointment, says the chamber’s secretary. A current interim member’s status has been questioned too.

Ashe lays out where he plans to focus his influence

Expanding background checks for gun sales isn’t one of those areas, he says, unless it turns out to have majority support, particularly in committee.

Senate GOP changes leadership as last year’s divisions linger

Joe Benning yielded the post to Dustin Degree, citing the suspension of Sen. Norm McAllister a year ago as one source of disagreement within the seven-person caucus.

Senate briefed on updated sexual harassment policies

The sexual harassment rules were updated after former Senator Norm McAllister was accused of criminal sexual assault.

Ashe taps Peter Sterling for chief of staff

The presumed next president pro tempore of the Vermont Senate has picked a lobbyist on progressive health care policies to be his chief of staff. Sen. Tim Ashe, D/P-Chittenden, said he intends to hire Peter Sterling, a longtime single-payer advocate who ran the Dr. Dynasaur 2.0 campaign and lobbied to study the issue during the […]

Digger Dialogue: Ashe fired up to carry Senate torch

The incoming president pro tem wants to focus on reducing poverty and getting rid of wasteful spending in the Vermont medical industry. Sen. Tim Ashe replaces outgoing Sen. John Campbell in the leadership post.

Ashe to be Senate President Pro Tem

Sen. Claire Ayer lost bid to the top slot and a seat as “third member” of the Committee on Committees.

New Sen. Riehle takes familiar seat

The appointee is sworn in and will sit on the Natural Resources Committee, but a hole remained elsewhere after the panel in charge of assignments said it needed more time to consider options.

Video + Story: Senate boots McAllister

In a 20-10 vote, lawmakers voted to suspend Sen. Norm McAllister, R-Franklin, who is accused of sexually assaulting two women.

UPDATED: McAllister Vows to Fight Suspension

The senator who has been charged with sexual assault, including allegations he repeatedly raped a young woman who served as his Statehouse intern, continued to deny he had done anything wrong — criminally, morally or ethically. PODCAST

Session preview 2016: For Windham County senator, marijuana is a perennial issue

Sen. Jeanette White, a Putney Democrat, says she has been pushing for marijuana-regulation changes not for personal or financial reasons, but because ‘prohibition doesn’t work.’ Legalization, she believes, is the clear next step for Vermont.

Video + Story: McAllister cries foul as panel supports suspension

The Franklin County senator says constituents plan to sue the state if he is suspended on the grounds that they will not have equal representation in the Senate.

Senate Republicans split over McAllister expulsion

The first few weeks of the legislative session could be consumed by the McAllister resolution to expel the senator, who is accused of sexually assaulting women in his district.

Galbraith says Iran nuclear accord better than alternatives

The former U.S. ambassador and United Nations diplomat from Vermont has plenty to say about the plan negotiated by six world powers — but only hints at whether he’ll run for state office in 2016.